Unique Gifts For Book Lovers

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Unique Gifts For Book LoversMost likely we all have at least one friend or family member that is a Bibliophile. I myself am one, so I really wanted to build a list of unique gifts for book lovers. I see fun bookish stuff all the time, but I never really splurge on myself unless it’s an actual book.

More likely than not, the Bibliophile in your life has plenty of books or they will get the next one they want as soon as it comes out, so here are 24  great bookish gift ideas to make you the most awesome gift giver EVER! You may also want to check out Reading Glasses for men and women. Most of us could use a stylish pair of readers.




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Unique Gifts for Book Lovers-Supergal Bookend

Supergal Bookend

Ok, this is too cool! Who doesn’t want a Superhero protecting their books? What a fun conversation piece. This bookend is lightweight and made of sturdy metal. A magnet is used to suspend the superhero in the air. This would make a great gift for adults and kids alike. A male superhero is also available.


Unique Gifts for Book Lovers-Bookmarks

Just Clip It-Quote Bookmarks

Set of three, plastic ‘clip over’ page bookmarks for the fun book lover in your life. I’ll stay up for one more chapter, Book nerd, and ‘heart’ books. What a great party gift!




Unique Gifts for Book Lovers-Book Nerd Hoodie

Go All Out’ Women’s Book Nerd Deluxe Soft Hoodie

Why? Because we are PROUD to be book nerds and these hoodies are printed in the U.S.A. 60/40 cotton/polyester brushed fleece. Cozy! This is perfect for the hoodie-loving bibliophile in your life.




Unique Gifts for Book Lovers-coffee mugBook Lovers Reading Mug

I like big books and I can not lie! Too funny! A funny gift for the coffee drinking bookworm in your life. 11oz. ceramic coffee mug with a large easy to grip C-handle. Microwave/Dishwasher safe.




Unique Gifts for Book Lovers-New Kindle Oasis

All-New Kindle Oasis

Okay, this one is not really unique, but necessary for those times that a real book just won’t do, and very cool with the new page turn buttons! If you have nobody else to gift this with, keep me in mind, lol. I’m just kidding. Now with an adjustable warm light, perfect for travel, reading in bed, or camping. Oh, and it’s waterproof for reading in the tub or by the pool. A great way to get instant access to books, newspapers, and audiobooks.




Unique Gifts for Book Lovers-Library CandlesBook Candles – The Library

If you haven’t gone to a bookstore and smelled a book or two, you are missing out. I’m sure people get a kick out of seeing me sniffing books, that new book smell is invigorating. I’m sure that any book lover would be happier than a kid in a candy store if they were to be gifted with these candles. This set contains three, 4oz candles. New Books, Antique Books, and Ancient Scrolls.




Unique Gifts for Book Lovers-The Little Library Cookbook

The Little Library Cookbook

100 recipes from readers’ favorite books including Moby Dicks Clam Chowder and Paddington Bears marmalade! This is super cool for those that love to cook and want to try the dishes included in some favorite classics and contemporary bestsellers.




Unique Gifts for Book Lovers-Are You There God? It's Me Margarita

Are You There God? It’s Me, Margarita

More cocktails with a literary twist! A fun follow-up to ‘Tequila Mockingbird‘ with cocktail titles like Fifty Shades of Grey Goose, The Island of Dr. Merlot, and The Handmaid’s Ale. These literary puns drink recipes, bar bites and drinking games are sure to please.




Unique Gifts for Book Lovers-Book Stamp

Custom Library Stamp

From the Library of… A must-have for the bibliophile, claiming your books really feels good. Customize and choose between, black, red, blue, purple, pink, green, orange, or brown.




Unique Gifts for Book Lovers-Boook Check Out Card Coasters

Library Card Book Club Coaster Set

Well, bibliophiles need a place to set their coffee, tea, and wine. Four vintage library book checkout card coasters.




Unique Gifts for Book Lovers-Book plates

Antiquarian Bookplates

55 charming bookplates to personalize the book lovers’ library. Antique styled with quotes from the likes of Jane Austen, Cicero, and Helen Keller.





Unique Gifts for Book Lovers-Bibliophile NotecardsBibliophile Notes

20 different book stacks/notecards with envelopes to send a quick note or thank you in style. Other neat styles are available as well.





Unique Gifts for Book Lovers-Ceramic Book Vase

Bibliophile Ceramic Vase

The writers’ companion: A very cute addition to any office or coffee table, there are three different sizes and styles to choose from. Fill it with pens, pencils, and other tools.




Unique Gifts for Book Lovers-Weighted Page Holder

Bookmark/Weight Page Holder

Where has this been all my life? This rubber page holder holds books open and in place with weighted ends and a textured bottom. Waterproof and Washable.




Unique Gifts for Book Lovers-Thumb Page Holder

Tilisma Book Page Holder

This homemade, natural walnut page holder has two wings to hold the book open. It takes the pressure off of your thumb and fingers when reading one-handed and comes in small, medium, and large. Nice!



Unique Gifts for Book Lovers-Book Socks

Socksmith Time For A Good Book

Because socks are a fun way to show off your personality! Made in the U.S.A and fits women’s shoe sizes 5 to 10.5, Choose blue heather or hemp heather.




Unique Gifts for Book Lovers-When I Think About Books Wine Glass

When I Think About Books, I Touch My Shelf

My favorite because… Do I really need to explain? 17oz. stemless wineglass for book lovers because wine and reading go hand in hand. Etched text and dishwasher safe.



Unique Gifts for Book Lovers-Luxury Pen with Shakespearean Quote

William Shakespeare Luxury Pen With Inspirational Quote

Engraved with the famous Shakespearean quote, “To Thine Own Self Be True”. Twist action ballpoint writing mechanism with black ink and easy-to-replace ink cartridge. A beautiful gift for writers, editors, teachers, and librarians, anyone really.




Unique Gifts for Book Lovers- Book Journal

Reading Journal For Book Lovers

The book journal everyone has been looking for. Novel checklists and recommended reading, Plenty of pages for keeping track of books read, and book wishlists.




Unique Gifts for Book Lovers-Edgar Allan Poe Mug

Edgar Allan Poe Boy Mug by Pithitude

Ok, my new favorite, I just ordered it! An 11oz hand-drawn coffee mug. It’s dishwasher/microwave safe and won’t chip or fade.
“I’m just a Poe boy. Nobody loves me.”
He’s just a Poe boy from a Poe family! Spare him his life from this monstrosity!




Unique Gifts for Book Lovers-Poetry Mega Set

Word Magnets Poetry Mega Set

You are never too old to have fun, and making silly sentences or poetry on the fridge is FUN! New and updated with 660 words and word-ending magnets. The ONLY magnetic word set to include 100 of the most common words in the English dictionary.




Unique Gifts for Book Lovers-C-Pen Reader

C-Pen Reader

Now, this is a pretty cool gadget! You can have words and lines of text read aloud, Computer or Wi-Fi is not required for the reading function. Multiple built-in dictionaries including the Oxford Primary Dictionary search definitions. Scans in multiple English accents and languages including French and Spanish. Record audio to review later or scan and transfer text to a PC or Mac via USB or from the 8GB storage. The package comes with ReaderPen, carry case, USB cable, instruction manual, and earphones.




Unique Gifts for Book Lovers-Reading Tool

See-N-Read Reading Tool

A handy reading tool for training left to right eye movement and reducing distracting text as well as word and line skipping. Pack of three.




Unique Gifts for Book Lovers-Book Necklace

Between the Pages of a Book is a Lovely Place to be – Book Pendant

Nice vintage-style book pendant for the bibliophile in your life. Unique, handmade alloy, glass, and bronze.





I hope you enjoyed looking through my list of unique and fun gift ideas. Sometimes it's hard to find just the right thing. I plan to add more to the list as I find neat things that book lovers might enjoy. Don't forget to check out James Patterson's New Releases for 2021 while you're here. Leave your comments below. Happy Reading!




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  1. Shannon Stowers

    I LOVE BOOKS!!! There is nothing more (other than my family, dogs included) that I love more! Thank you for sharing these amazing gifting ideas, even if most of these items would be for myself. Great post!

  • Tracy

    Hi Shannon! LOL I LOVE BOOKS too! : ) I’m glad you enjoyed the unique gifts for book lovers. I pretty much want everything on the list. : ) Thanks for visiting, come back often, and Happy Reading!

  • Rajiv

    I am not myself a Bibliophile but I do have a couple of friends who are. Your lists have given me some great ideas to gift them with. I will share this site with my friends they are surely going to love your collections as much as I do. I will make sure to visit your site to get some more ideas whenever I need a gift for my book friends. I look forward to seeing more items added here in the future.


    • Tracy

      I’m glad that you found the unique gifts list useful Rajiv. I would be very happy if you shared this article with your friends. Thanks for visiting and for the comment. Have a great day!

  • Gaurav Gaur

    Hi, Tracy.
    Thanks for sharing the information on unique gifts for book lovers. They were awesome and some of them blew me away. Especially the Book Candles, this is the first I’ve heard of them and I could imagine the smell of books. The other ones like Custom Library Stamp and Bookmark/weight page holder took my imagination to the next level. This was a really super cool list and I will be looking forward to seeing more in the future.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Tracy

      Thanks Gaurav! I’m glad that you enjoyed the unique gifts for book lovers. I love the book scented candles too and I am definitely going to buy some. Thanks for commenting and have a great day.

  • Jeff

    Reading is one of my hobbies and honestly, I fell in love with this article. Everything about it is amazing and i must say thank you for taking your time to share this with us. The poetry mega set is my favorite one and I am looking forward to reading the other gifts also.

    • Tracy

      Hi Jeff! I’m happy that you found Unique Gifts for Book Lovers. The poetry mega set is awesome, that’s honestly a great gift for anyone. Let me know if I can help you out with anything. Happy Reading!

  • Jonath

    This post is exactly what I need because I’m searching for a gift for a friend of mine who’s a Bibliophile. Personally, I think I will go for the C-Pen Reader because the built-in dictionaries and the audio record features seem to be very useful for a reader. Thank you for the very informative article, keep up the good work.

    • Tracy

      Hi Jonath! I’m really glad that you found a unique gift for your bibliophile friend and what a great choice! I know any book lover would be extremely happy to receive the C-Pen Reader as a gift. You will have to come back and let me know what your friend thought. Thanks so much for visiting!

  • Feochadan

    I’m a total bibliophile and I would love to get almost any gift in your list!  I especially like the C-Pen reader.  It would be perfect for reading in bed and would reduce eye strain.  The variety of things to keep your book open are invaluable.  It’s SO much better than breaking the spine trying to get it to lay flat!

    • Tracy

      I’m so happy you found Unique Gifts for Book Lovers! I feel the same, I want all of it! The C-Pen is pretty darn cool, I could definitely use it. I also agree with you on holding the book flat, so many cool things to choose from now. If there is anything I can help you with or anything in particular that you’d like to see, please let me know. Thanks for visiting and Happy Reading!

  • Rodarrick

    This is definitely awesome to see here and I must say that I quite enjoyed every bit of the information that I got through this post here. In all honesty, these gift ideas for bibliophile is awesome as they are mostly individuals who adores book and would always like to be around it. So, getting gifts like these would help to pass the eight message of love to them and respect for what they do. Thanks

    • Tracy

      I’m glad you enjoyed the unique gifts for book lovers. I will be adding to the list from time to time, come on back and check out what’s new! Thanks so much for your comments. Have a great day!

  • Kozakiv

    Great to read a list of books with strong female characters for going to sea, a vacation that will take you into a world of all genres – from crime, love, mystery, travelogue, adventure, and even into the fantasy world. Powerful female characters have always inhabited works of all genres, and summer is the perfect time to read and recharge your batteries in peace, relaxation, and rest with such strong, feminine energy.

    • Tracy

      I agree it’s a great time to read, be sure to check out James Patterson’s New Releases 2020, I’m sure you will find something wonderful to read. Thanks for commenting, take care.

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