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I Funny SeriesMost trusted storyteller, James Patterson, and collaborator, Chris Grabenstein started the I Funny series in 2012. These realistic fiction novels are lots of fun to read. They include, I Funny, I Even Funnier, I Totally Funniest, I Funny TV, I Funny: School of Laugh’s and The Nerdiest, Wimpiest, Dorkiest I Funny Ever.

Patterson and Grabenstein have written many other fun books for young readers such as The Treasure Hunter’s series, the Max Einstein series, House of Robots. Jacky Ha-Ha and Word of Mouse.

The I Funny series has some fantastic illustrations. The series is mostly geared toward middle school-aged children. However, I believe that everyone will take a liking to the main character Jamie. He’s paralyzed from the legs down, yet he’s funny and he’s strong. With a lot of humor and even more heart, this series is really about overcoming your fears. Check out this I Funny Video.

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Jamie GrimmI Funny Series

Living his life in a wheelchair after barely surviving tragedy, the protagonist, Jamie Grimm currently lives in Long Beach, a suburb of New York City. He lives with his Aunt and Uncle, and his three cousins, ‘The Smiley’s’. Jamie calls them the Smiley’s because they literally NEVER smile.

Joey Gaynor, Jimmy Pierce, and Gilda Gold are Jamie’s best friends and his cousin Stevie Kosgrov (aka ‘Smiley’) is a big bully. Oh, and Suzie Orolvsky (aka ‘Cool Girl’) was Jamie’s first kiss.

Jamie believes that laughter is the best medicine and he uses humor to divert bullies and overcome his disability. He is always telling jokes and in an attempt to steer clear of Stevie, Jamie is often telling them at his Uncle Frankie’s diner, Frankie’s Good Eats by the Sea.




1. I Funny (2012)

I Funny Series- I FunnyMiddle Schooler, Jamie Grimm doesn’t have much to laugh about these days. Not only is he dealing with bullies and self-pity, but he’s also the new disabled kid in town living with his Aunt and Uncle and he doesn’t feel like he fits in.

Luckily Jamie doesn’t let those things get in his way, he is on a mission to become the best stand-up comedian in the world. He practices his jokes all the time, at school at home, and even at his Uncle Frankies diner where Jamie runs the cash register on the weekends.

Uncle Frankie told Jamie about an upcoming contest called ‘The Planet’s Funniest Kid Comic’ and of course Jamie is going to enter.

Being funny was easy, he read every joke book he could find and read every joke on the internet. Jamie also studied comics like Jerry Seinfeld, Kevin James, Ellen DeGeneres, and Chris Rock. He made up many of his own jokes. But he needs to work on his confidence and get over his stage fright if he is going to win the New York State Finals.

2. I Even Funnier (2013)

I Funny Series- I Even FunnierJamie is one month away from heading to Nick’s Comedy Stop in Boston for the Regional competition. Things are not going so well.

Jamie is trying to make it through middle school, get new materials and jokes all while dealing with the bully “Smiley”. On top of that, best friend Joey gets into some trouble at school after finding out that his mom has cancer.

As Jamie prepares for the semi-finals his family has a health scare of their own. He must put his family and friends before the Planet’s Funniest Kid Comic Contest.

3. I Totally Funniest (2015)

I Funny Series- I Totally FunniestJamie Grimm is one step closer to his dream, winning The Planet’s Funniest Kid Comic Contest. The Hollywood finals are in three days, with eight contenders left. The winner will take home one hundred thousand dollars! Jamie is cramming for the Finals and facing a new challenge, possibly the biggest one yet.

After winning a few contests and being on national t.v. for the semifinals, Jamie is getting a whole lot of attention and it just might be making his head swell. The pressure is getting to him and friendships are suffering. A hurricane sweeps through Jamie’s town and the devastation is costly.

The Finals are postponed for two weeks and the ante is raised. Now Jamie must ‘come down to earth’ and focus on coming up with the best material for the competition if he is going to win The Planet’s Funniest Kid Comic Contest.

4. I Funny TV (2015)

I Funny Series-I Funny TVBNC-TV executives have big plans for Jamie. He is to star in his own television show, ‘Jamie Funnie’ a show about Jamie Grimm and his eccentric friends.

During rehearsal in front of a live audience, stagefright gets the best of Jamie. He freezes and forgets his lines. The director may have to make a serious cut.

There’s also a new bully in town ‘Lars Johannsen” and Stevie Kosgrov might finally get a taste of his own medicine. Jamie may have some reservations about stardom. Being just plain Jamie might be the better choice

5. I Funny: School of Laughs (2015)

I Funny Series-I Funny School of LaughsJamie Grimm is back from Hollywood and back to middle school life. Things have definitely changed, the vice principal is a she, not a he. The new principal started up a wrestling team and he doesn’t think there is a need for the school library anymore.

He decides to close the library and turn it into a sweat room for his wrestling team. Even worse, Stevie Kosgov and Lars Johannsen, the two biggest bullies in school are heading up the wrestling team.

Jamie and his friends work together to save the school library. There’s a comedy contest and Jamie even offers comedy classes to the younger children. He soon realizes that teaching jokes is much more difficult than making jokes.

6. The Nerdiest, Wimpiest, Dorkiest I Funny Ever (2018)

I Funny Series-The Nerdiest, Wimpiest, Dorkiest I Funny EverJamie Grimm is at the top of his game. He is hosting the Second Annual Planet’s Funniest Kid Comic Competition at Radio City Music Hall.

Uncle Frankie is getting married and Stevie Kosgrov has changed his ways! Now Jamie is competing at an international level in the World Kid Comic Contest.

There’s a lot of surprises in this last book, along with characters you may have met before and some heart-warming romance.

Happy Reading!

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  1. Kay

    It is so ironic I came across your page here because my boyfriend and my mom are both EXTREMELY huge James Patterson fans and are currently reading the Alex Cross series.

    I am not big into the Murder Mystery (or horror movies for that matter), but I am very well aware of how amazing these writers are! I had no idea he wrote the I Funny series and I can’t wait to check these out!

    Thank you for the awesome info!

  • Tracy

    Hi Kay! That is fantastic! Now you know where to go for Mom and boyfriend’s Christmas gifts : ) In case you didn’t notice, LOL, I am a huge fan of the Alex Cross series. I know that they will really enjoy the reads. The fact that James Patterson writes young adult and childrens stories is a suprise to many. His books are perfect for reluctant readers and adults that are kids at heart. I hope you get to check out the I Funny series and many more. Come on back and tell me all about them. Thank you for visiting, Happy Reading!

  • Yuuki

    Thanks for your sharing! I’ve never heard of James Patterson and now I see that he is so famous. The I Funny series sounds really funny. I appreciate that you made separate lines for each section and wrote brief descriptions so we can read it clearly. Hope you can share more!

    • Tracy

      Thank you Yuuki. I love introducing James Patterson’s to readers that are unfamiliar his books. I’m glad that you enjoyed the content and I hope you do come back and find something great to read. Thank you for visiting and Happy Reading!

  • Lynn

    Wow! I feel clueless. I did not know that James Patterson also writes children’s books. Thank you so much for your info. After reading through, I think this series is beneficial to my son, especially because the books do not just merely tell stories but also teach children important values. For instance, we can learn from Jamie Grimm to be strong and not affected by others!

    Thank you so much for this article.

    • Tracy

      Hi Lynn, don’t feel bad. You are not the only one that didn’t realize James Patterson wrote children’s books. Hey, now you know ; ) I hope that you come back and find a few books or even a series for your son. Christmas will be here before you know it. The I Funny series is an excellent choice! Thank you so much for visiting!

  • Yama

    Neat site, Tracy. I have not read any of Mr. Patterson’s books, but I’m a reader who is in love with books. Keep it up. And nicely written article.

    • Tracy

      Thank you Yama, I appreciate your visit and I hope you get the chance to read some of James Patterson’s work. Happy Reading!

  • Ben

    Hey Tracy!
    I love James Patterson! I read a bunch of his books back in high school, which for me was 2009-2013. The Alex Cross series was my favorite, but the Women’s Murder Club books are excellent too.

    As this series started right when I stopped reading JP books, it makes sense that I hadn’t heard of it until this post. If I had kept reading Patterson books, I probably would have delved into these. There are a LOT of books on my future reading list (especially finishing the Alex Cross series of course), so the I Funny books should go on there as well!

    I am glad the Jamie character studies Jerry Seinfeld – definitely one of the greats!

    Have an awesome time reading!

    • Tracy

      Another J.P. fan! I’m really happy you stumbled upon my website 🙂 I love the Women’s Murder club as well. There are many people that have no idea James Patterson also writes childrens books. I love introducing new books to my fellow readers. Jerry Seinfeld is pretty great and Jamie Grimm in I Funny is pretty hilarious too! Thanks for your comment!

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