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Welcome James Patterson fans! For those of you that are new to James Patterson’s books; Alex Cross is the most popular series that Patterson has written. It just so happens to be my favorite series and that is why I named my website Alex Cross Addict. Now that we have that cleared up, let me tell you a little about Tracy (that’s me), the creator of Alex Cross Addict, Books by James Patterson


About Me

I love to read! Reading eases my mind and takes me to a whole new world. My favorites are True Crime, Stephen King, and of course, James Patterson. Reading books has literally made me the awesome person that I am.

I have been lucky enough to have lived in and experienced the different cultures of Hawaii (The Big Island) and South Korea. I currently live in the U.S. (Kansas) and No, I have not seen Toto… (okay, maybe I have). Anyway, the most rewarding job that I have ever had was Teaching English as a Foreign Language (while in South Korea). Such a great experience! My love for knowledge and reading was a huge contributor to that.

I am the mother of four amazing adult children (I’m much younger than you are thinking) three sons and a daughter. My children are my world!  My love for them is stronger than anything and I could talk about them forever but, the reason I’m here is because my second love is READING. I have loved reading since I was a child. (Let’s just say, that is a long time and move forward).

About Tracy


Fun facts about me: I have this quirk. I absolutely must keep every book that I have ever read. I try to get all hardcover and the most quirky I suppose, is if anyone wants to borrow a book, I get very nervous, afraid something may happen to it or that I may not see it again. My books have always been returned in perfect condition, yet, I still feel the need to warn my mom, my kids, and my friends.



Why I’m Here

I passed on to my children, my passion for thrillers, mysteries, crime, and suspense. I did that with stories, movies, games, and most importantly BOOKS. After I read my first James Patterson’s book, Along Came A Spider, I was hooked, and now, I want to share these amazing stories with you! I want to make it easy for you to find your next great read and get that book in your hands.

Ultimately, I want to remind you just how beneficial reading is, as well as show you, that if you find the right book, you could love reading again or maybe want to start, and MAYBE, just maybe, if you haven’t already, you will enjoy a James Patterson book or two.

Although my site is dedicated to James Patterson’s books, and I do hope you enjoy them. ANY and ALL books are knowledge, Reading in general, makes you happy, reduces stress, improves memory, expands your vocabulary, and much more!  Read what you love, and remember to share your passion with your children, family, and friends.



There are roughly 250+ great books written by James Patterson. I’m working on owning every single one of them. There are several stand-alone books, book series, and even children’s books. Amongst them, genres include mystery, young adult fiction, realistic fiction, science fiction, non-fiction, true crime, thriller, comedy, and romance! There is literally something for everyone.

I do hope that you enjoy my site and you return often to see what’s new. Lastly, make sure you SUBSCRIBE to my emails. Let me know if you want to hear about a particular J.P. book, ask questions, leave comments, or just say “Hello”. Either way, I look forward to hearing from you! Happy Reading!


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  1. John

    James Patterson is a very interesting writer. My sister gave me several of his books when she was done with them and like you, I could not set it down until done. My teenage son now reads these books and whenever we are in the car, he will read the whole way. A great way to keep him off of his phone.
    I like to pass my books along to others as soon as I am done with them, My library is to full to keep many more books.
    Have you read any of the young adult novels by Patterson?

  • Tracy

    Hi John, I’m glad to hear that you also enjoy James Patterson’s writing and have passed that on to your son. He writes really great stuff for young adults. I have read a handful of the young adult series the Maximum Ride series is my favorite. I suggest the Crazy House Series as well. Even as an adult I enjoy ones like, Middle School, Treasure Hunters and I funny. It’s also nice to pass the books along especially when they go to someone who may not otherwise pick up a James Patterson novel. Thanks for visiting and Happy Reading!

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