The Miracle Series Review

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This series was written by James Patterson and co-author Peter DE Jonge in 1996. I hope you enjoy the Miracle series review. It includes Miracle on the 17th Green (1996), Miracle at Augusta (2015), and Miracle at St. Andrews (2019). I listened to an interview with Patterson which implies that there will most likely be a 4th Miracle.

Even if you know nothing about golf, this is a magical and inspiring series for anyone. Travis McKinley, a former advertising writer turned pro golfer, struggles to find his way in these books about life, love, family, and miracles.




Patterson’s Motivation

James Patterson was an ad writer himself. When he’s at home in Florida, he enjoys playing four to five rounds of golf weekly.  He plays nine or eighteen holes early in the morning and then gets back to his writing.

Patterson has played golf with three different U.S. Presidents and helped caddie for Tommy Bolt! He has a 13 handicap and has made 6 holes in one in his lifetime.

With his passion for golf and writing different genres, writing this series was a no brainer for Patterson.

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The Miracle Series Review-Tommy Bolt Golf Ball

Tommy Bolt Signed Titleist Golf Ball 



Miracle on the 17th Green

James Patterson’s 12th novel introduces us to a fast-moving golf fantasy. Fifty-year-old Travis McKinley feels as though he has accomplished nothing of meaning. Travis loathes his job, his marriage has lost its passion and his children are becoming more distant.

On Christmas day Travis plays a round of golf and for the first time ever, he is in the ‘zone’. He is playing like a professional. Sinking putt after putt he gets so caught up in the excitement that he misses Christmas dinner with his family. This is catastrophic for his already troubled marriage.


Travis becomes too preoccupied to notice that his family is collapsing. He enters the PGA Senior Open at Pebble Beach. On the 17th green, a live television audience (including his wife and children) is watching, when a miracle takes place, A miracle that will change everything.

The Miracle Series Review-Miracle on the 17th Green

Miracle at Augusta

The second inspirational book in the series is a story of hope and redemption, set one year after Travis McKinley’s big golf tournament. Although he is still playing hard, Travis has some doubts. He worries that he may be out of his league and this frame of mind is not helping his game.

After getting into an altercation that goes viral, Travis’s career is in peril.  Everything begins to fall apart. Although he realizes that this is all his fault, Travis decides to make some changes rather than giving up.

Travis reaches out to Jerzy, a troubled 17-year-old with a natural golf swing. When he teaches the boy golf and watches him prosper, Travis’s love for the sport once again begins to shine through.

As the two set out to achieve the impossible on the world’s most treasured golf course, Travis learns that some of the greatest miracles take place when no one is watching.


The Miracle Series Review-Miracle at Augusta


Miracle at St. Andrews

In the third book Travis McKinley is on his way to a new season, Travis misses a putt on the 18th green, he’s off the Senior Tour. An unfathomable stranger tells him to go back to the beginning, back where it all started. Travis takes this advice to heart.

The McKinley family travels to their inherited home in Scotland. The place where golf was born. When Travis steps foot onto the old course at St. Andrews, it feels like sacred ground and the magic of the game takes over.

The Miracle Series Review-Miracle at St. Andrews



A television adaptation of Miracle on the 17th Green (1999) starred Robert Urich and Meredith Baxter. A 50-year-old, Mitch McKinley loses his job, which feels like the end of the world. Mitch pursues his lifelong dream to become a professional golfer and when he joins the Senior Tour, his family is neglected.

The Miracle Series Review-Miracle on the 17th Green Movie

The Miracle Series Review-Hawaii Coffee Company


I hope you enjoyed the Miracle Series review. This is a whole other genre to try out, it’s an inspirational drama with a little golf. Maybe a good gift for Dad or Grandpa. Thanks for visiting. Leave your comments below and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE. Happy Reading!

The Miracle Series Review

  1. Stefanie Taylor

    Hi Tracy, great reviews!
    I’ve always loved a good golf story or movie ever since I watched Happpy Gilmore and Tin Cup. What great films they were, mixed in with a little romance for good measure.

    I love a game of golf myself, though I’m more into crazy golf and wacking balls at the driving range which also happens to be grwat exercise I might add), and another reason why I like it so much.

    Anyway, I love the sound of these books and will put them on my read list. Thanks 🙂

  • Tracy

    Hi Stefanie! Thanks for checking out my review. I just recently started trying out golf myself. I’m much better at putt putt, but do enjoy it.
    I love those movies! The Miracle series is probably most comparable to Tin Cup, which was an excellent story. I hope you get the chance to read some James Patterson, Have a great day!

  • Frank

    Hi Tracy, I have not read these books by James Patterson. I do like watching the golf on telly though, I think I may have to check these books out. I have also been on the course at St. Andrews as it not far from the city of my birth. Edinburgh..

    I am enjoying your posts about James Patterson books. My wife recently bought me the book he done with Bill Clinton but I just could not get into it. It is still lying by the bed unread. I may get round to day.


    • Tracy

      Hi Frank, Thank you for visiting. I am fascinated by the fact that you have actually been to St. Andrews, very cool! I’m grateful that you are enjoying my posts. I don’t blame you for not getting into The President is Missing, it’s not my usual choice of reads and I have not read it as of yet. Sometime I will give it a try. May I suggest that you try some James Patterson again? If not the Miracle series, I suggest the Alex Cross Series if you are a fan of thrillers. It is the series that gets most people hooked. Either way Frank, I appreciate you and your comments. Have a wonderful day!

  • Zach

    Wow I had no idea James was such an avid golfer definitely going to look into get these books

    • Tracy

      Hi Zach! Most people don’t know about James Patterson’s golf history, they assume he wrote books with no knowledge what so ever. I think it’s great that he wrote this series and I hope that you do get the chance to read them. Thank you for visiting! Have a great day!

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