Stand Alone Books

Stand Alone Books

The world’s bestselling thriller writer has an abundance of book series. Are you aware of James Patterson’s stand alone books?

There is an incredibly, insane number of them and they include just about every genre imaginable.

I previously mentioned this in another post, yet I feel the need to say it again. There absolutely is something for everyone when it comes to choosing books by James Patterson.



The First Book

James Patterson published his very first book in 1976. A Stand alone book and classic American suspense novel ‘ The Thomas Berryman Number’. This is a ‘must read’.

Although this is not a super fast read like J.P.’s later books and series such as, The Alex Cross Series and The Women’s Murder Club Series. I’m perfectly content reading anything by James Patterson. Owning his very first book is an honor however, I do wish that I had a first edition.

James Patterson’s Stand Alone Books

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The Thomas Berryman Number (1976)Stand Alone Books

The Thomas Berryman Number is a riveting story about prejudice and murder in the south. Set in the 1970’s, a black, rising politician (Jimmie Horn) is murdered. Reporter (Ochs Jones), who is writing the story of the murder, suspects that predominantly racism and prejudice had something to do with it.


Season of the Machete (1977)Stand Alone Books

Damian and Carrie Rose are contract killers hired by a mafia family. They are sent to the Caribbean to bring some ‘excitement’ to a vacation Island. Brutal slayings are leaving bodies slashed by machetes to suggest rebels are the murderers. Without witnesses this case is going to be very difficult to solve.

The Jericho Commandment (1979)Stand Alone Books

Jewish survivors from the extermination camps of Nazi Germany had devised a plot for revenge. Their plan is in full force when group of terrorist deliver a shocking ultimatum at the Moscow Olympics.


Virgin (1980)Stand Alone Books

Pope Pius XIII is the only one who knows that the Apocalypse is imminent and that two virgins will soon give birth, one to the Beast of Revelation and one to the Savior. In the meantime signs such as locust plagues and Polio epidemics are happening all over the world.


The Midnight Club (1988)Stand Alone Books

John Stefanovitch (Stef) was shot in the back and left for dead by a man called the ‘Grave Dancer’ and restricted to a wheelchair. After returning to the police force, Stef is called to the location of a shooting where Grave Dancer has been murdered. Tapes were found as evidence and Stef partners up with writer Sarah McGinniss to continue the investigation. One of the tapes shows a convicted killer discussing ‘The Midnight Club’.


Black Market (1994)Stand Alone Books

Archer Carroll, head of the State Department Special Terrorist Force, and Caitlin Dillon, Director of enforcement for the SEC, together, race against time to investigate the fourteen explosions on Wall Street and end the Green Band’s (a group of disgruntled Vietnam Veterans) efforts to destroy Wall Street. and take over America.


Hide and Seek (1996)Stand Alone Books

The trial that electrified the world. Celebrity and favorite singer/songwriter, Maggie Bradford is on trial for killing her husband Will Shepard, an internationally admired athlete and it appears that she may have killed two of her husbands.

See How They Run (1997) (Formerly The Jericho Commandment)

Black Friday (2000) (Formerly Black Market)

Cradle and All (2000) (Formerly Virgin)

Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas (2001)

Katie Wilkinson, a book editor, found the man she had dreamed of, Matthew Harrison, a writer. But one day without any explanation he vanishes from her life, leaving nothing but a diary. This diary was written by a woman named Suzanne, a new mother writing to her son Nicholas. As Kate reads what seems to be a love letter, she realizes that her lover may be the husband and father that Suzanne speaks of.


The Beach House (2002)

Jack Mullen is in law school in New York City when he gets the news that his brother Peter, has drowned. Jack knows that this was no accident, but power and money have paid for the truth to be hidden. While Jack searches to find answers he finds out that Peter not only parked cars for the rich, but was also paid fantastically for satisfying the sexual needs of the richest women and men in town as well.

The Jester (2003)

Sam’s Letters to Jennifer (2004)

Lifeguard (2005)

Beach Road (2006)

A struggling lawyer in the Hampton’s, Tom Dunleavy lands the case of his lifetime. His friend, Dante Hallleyville, is arrested for a triple homicide near a movie stars mansion. Tom knows that there is no way that Dante did this, he recruits ex-girlfriend and super lawyer, Kate Costello to assist in exposing the real killer.


Judge & Jury (2006)

Juror # 11, and single mom, Andie De Grasse tried everything to get out of jury duty but ends up in the Trial of the Century.  Mafia made man, Dominic Cavello (The Electrician), has been involved in hundreds of gruesome crimes and his conviction should be a sure thing. However, the Electrician makes a devastating move that nobody could have ever seen coming. For Andie, things get personal.

The Quickie (2007)

You’ve Been Warned (2007)

Sunday’s at Tiffany’s (2008)

Sail (2008)

In an attempt to put her family back together after the death of her husband, Anne Dunne plans a sailing trip for her and her three children. Right from the start this vacation is not going well and then something tragic happens and the family struggles to survive.


Swimsuit (2009)

While on a shoot at the most glamorous hotel in Hawaii, Kim McDaniels, one of the worlds most beautiful supermodels is kidnapped by a psycopathic killer. Her parents receive a terrifying phone call and head to Hawaii where they meet Ben Hawkins, an ex-cop turned reporter. Ben offers to help the McDaniels find their daughter. But are they safe?

The Postcard Killers (2010)

Don’t Blink (2010)

Toys (2011)

Now You See Her (2011)

After a terrible secret shattered her life 18 years ago, she moved away and changed her identity. Nina Bloom has been lying to everyone including her daughter, in order to protect the life that she has built in New York. When an innocent man is charged with murder, Nina knows that she can’t keep her secrets any longer.


Kill Me if You Can (2011)

A poverty-stricken art student finds a duffel bag of diamonds in New York City during an attack at Grand Central Station. Matthew Bannon begins to plan a much different life with his girlfriend Katherine, but everything changes when he realizes that he is being hunted by one of the worlds greatest assasins (Ghost),

The Christmas Wedding (2011)

Guilty Wives (2012)

Zoo (2012)

Mistress (2013)Stand Alone Books

Ben Casper has an obsessive personality and he is in love with a woman he know he can’t have. When the “love of his life” Diana Hotchkiss is found dead outside of her apartment, Ben is on a mission to find out what happened to her. He finds out that Diana had been living a double life and now someone is trying to stop him from uncovering the truth.


First Love (2014)Stand Alone Books

Alexandria Moore (Axi) is madly in love with her best friend Robinson. Good girl Axi decides to run away on a cross country road trip and leave everything behind, she tells Robinson that he is going with her. The two are happy and carefree, they even break some rules. Their adventure quicky becomes out of control when they have to run from the police and Axi has to face the truth when Robinson suddenly collapses. This may be his last trip.

Homeroom Diaries (2014)

Public School Superhero (2015)

Truth or Die (2015)

Murder House (2015)Stand Alone Books

The abandoned Murder House,at #7 Ocean Drive is a beautiful beachfront estate in the Hamptons that hides a horrifying secret past. Detective Jenna Murphy, a former New York City police officer has not been back since she was just a girl. When a high profile power broker and his mistress are found dead in the Murder House, the crime scene is more gruesome than anything Jenna had ever seen. What looks to be an open and shut case, turns out to have more secrets than the Murder house itself.


Woman of God (2016)Stand Alone Books

Massive crowds gather in Rome as a new Pope is chosen. The top candidate may be a turning point that could change the world forever. However SHE has made many powerful enemies who are not afraid to kill for the cause. Brigid Fitzgerald must convert her enemies before she loses her faith.

Word of Mouse (2016)

Humans Bow Down (2017)

The Black Book (2017)

Murder Games (2017)Stand Alone Books

Elizabeth Needham the police officer in charge, and Dylan Reinhart a professor, are on the case. A serial killer known as ‘The Dealer’ is on the loose in Manhattan and his victims seem to have nothing in common but the playing cards left behind at each crime scene. He is playing with the cops and has the whole city on edge. Can Elizabeth and Dylan connect the clues before The Dealer runs out of cards?


Pottymouth and Stoopid (2017)

Michael and David have been best friends that have been ridiculed since preschool. Not much has changed in the seventh grade. The kids still call Michael ‘Pottymouth” and David ‘Stoopid’. Michael  lives with his bickering unsupportive parents and people call him Pottymouth because he makes up funny words or noises when he’s flustered or upset. David lives with his overworked single mom and people call him Stoopid because he once dropped some paint. These best friends deal with bullies and terrible teachers in some amusing ways.

Laugh Out Loud (2017)

The Store (2017)

Expelled (2017)

The President is Missing (2018)

Enemies are planning an attack on America, there is talk of cyber-terror and espionage as well as a possible traitor in the cabinet. The President, Jonathon Lincoln Duncan has no idea who he can trust with highly classified information on a terrorist threat and he, himself becomes a suspect and goes missing.


Texas Ranger (2018)

After receiving a disturbing call from his ex-wife Anne, Texas Ranger Rory Yates arrives in his hometown and finds a gruesome crime scene. His ex-wife has been murdered and he is a suspect. Rory must find the killer himself. He fights for his life and freedom as he investigates the murder.

Not so Normal Norbert (2018)

Juror #3 (2018)

Unbelievably Boring Bart (2018)

The 13 Minute Murder (2018)

Three separate stories in one book, the first is Dead Man Running. Randall Beck, a psychiatrist who has an inoperable brain tumor chooses to live the rest of his days helping others through therapy. Randall discovers a plot to kill a presidential candidate and tries to stop it. He has nothing to lose and is running out of time.

Next is 113 Minutes. Molly Rourke is a loving mother who just got news that her son Alex has died from a drug overdose. She knows who supplied the drug and gets her brothers and a friend to make sure that justice is served.

Lastly, 13 Minutes with Michael Ryan an obsessive-compulsive assassin who is very thorough with his hits.  Ryan plans to take down the son of a Croatia crime boss. However this time. Nothing goes according to plan and he soon finds himself the target.


The First Lady (2018)Stand Alone Books

A top secret service agent, Sally Grissom, is forced to secrecy when she investigates the disappearance of the First Lady.  After word got out of the Presidents affair the First Lady was presumably in Virgina until getting back on her feet. But soon the White House receives a ransom letter with a finger included.

Brilliant Lies (2019)

The Chef (2019)

The Cornwalls are Gone 2019)

Katt vs. Dogg (2019)Stand Alone Books

Oscar is a happy dogg who loves being a scout. He knows that snobby katts are good for nothing except climbing trees. Molly despises drooly, disgusting doggs. She is a clever katt and knows that she is destined to be an actress. Oscar and Molly find themselves lost in the woods and eventually learn that the only way to get back home is to put aside their mutual hatred and work together. Ha Ha Ha.


Sophia, Princess Among Beasts (2019)Stand Alone Books

Princess Sophia has lost both her mother and father in a ghastly world that urgently needs a queen. The kingdom is hers until she is imprisoned by the beasts that she read about as a child. The beasts are real and the people look to Sophia for protection. If she doesn’t unlock an ancient secret the kingdom will perish.


The Inn (2019)Stand Alone Books

After losing his loving wife, former police detective Billy Robinson moved from Boston to Gloucester and has taken over the secluded Inn that his wife once ran. The Inn has many long term tenants and while helping Billy through his grieving process they also become a family. A family that will do what they have to in order to protect each other and their town. When a group of criminals arrive they bring drugs and violence to the town of Gloucester. Billy builds a team to try and save his family and his town.


Stand Alone Books



Some people prefer to experience stories through film rather than reading the books. Here are a couple of movies from James Patterson’s stand alone books, Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas and Sunday’s at Tiffany’s

Stand Alone BooksStand Alone Books


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The list of stand alone books is long. It can be hard to keep up with over two hundred books. With that being said, I hope you found a good book to curl up to, if you are a bathtub or bedtime reader such as myself. I have some recommendations below.

Are you enjoying the site? Perhaps you found something that interests you or someone you know. Leave me a comment or even your review, I’d love to hear from you! Happy Reading!

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  1. Pentrental

    Wow another great post on James Patterson books. The Thomas Berryman Number does sound riveting and I can’t wait to check it out. I still can’t believe how many books he has out there. Amazon makes it a convenient purchase and I can’t wait to start checking these out through your links. Thanks again!

    • Tracy

      Thank you so much, It truly is my pleasure to share my passion with you! The amount of books, let alone Bestselling Books is just amazing and another reason to love James Patterson. I hope you do get The Thomas Berryman Number and come back and give me your thoughts. Although it is a much different style of writing than we are used to now, I think every James Patterson fan should give it a try. Amazon really does make it very convenient to look into these books and get what you want, when you want. I appreciate you going through my links. Have a great day!

  2. Colleen W

    A fascinating post about the available stand alone books from James Patterson. If I were to choose 1 of these to read at the moment, I believe it would be Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas. The review about the book indicates a hint of mysteriousness that calls for one to read this book immediately! 🙂
    Great article, definitely an interesting read

    • Tracy

      Thank you Colleen! Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas is a very good choice. James Patterson actually wrote that book from some personal experiences, one of them being his wife Susan wrote a diary for their son when he was a baby.

  3. TimMoto

    Wow, what a prolific writer.  I have to admit I had not heard of him until now. I generally do not read fiction but your reviews have me hooked on a few of them, such as Virgin, Black Market, First Lady and The President is Missing.  Fascinating that James Patterson could write so incredibly well in a number of different genre’s.

    So now I must go pick one of the four to get introduced to Patterson.  I think it will be, Black Market.  Sounds interesting in our time right now, particularly with Wall Street being the focus.  I often wonder what would happen in the markets just collapsed…that trigger would ripple around the world.  Looks like I’m about to find out.  THANK YOU for recommending such great reads.  

    • Tracy

      Thank you Tim, Black Market is a good choice! I may be bias, but I believe all of James Patterson’s books are good choices. I hope that you come back and check out my new posts soon. 

  4. HighLife101

    This post really is for the Alex Cross Addict.  I, like many others, love Alex Cross, the Metropolitan Police Department detective character in James Patterson’s popular, #1 New York Times bestselling crime series. I love these books and always eagerly await the next book in the series, knowing it will be a fun, satisfying read.  However, i had NO idea about all of these other books and I can’t wait to start reading!  the sheer number and variety is astounding. You have really opened my eyes ( and increased my Kindle Bucket List!). I am really interested in The Virgin, I love religious, Apocalypse stories that include a little supernatural!  Thanks for sharing this list of the early works of James Patterson, I would have never known!

    • Tracy

      Thank you so much for visiting! Alex Cross is fantastic that’s for sure. I think my favorite part about writing and sharing my passion for James Patterson books is when someone finds something they had never heard of and get excited to read. I’m happy to have helped you with your Kindle Bucket List, come back again there will be much more fascinating books to talk about. 

  5. Jordan Smith

    The Jericho Commandment is one of the best books I’ve ever read. Though I’ve never read a James Patterson book that was a full ten, this is just as close as it gets. His style of writing is un-matchable. He has this special gift that allows him to write at a very quick pace, leaving out overkill, but still enthrawling the reader with a deep plot. This book shines very brightly to me as one of his best.

    Awesome write-up!


    • Tracy

      Hi Jordan! Thank you! I’m happy that you enjoy James Patterson’s writing as much as I do. He sure does have the magical touch with easy to read and hard to put down books. His style is unique and keeps me always wanting more. Come back often and maybe find something that you haven’t read. Have a great day.

  6. Vicki

    what an amazing author and well done for sharing these incredible books

    I wanted to buy a couple but couldn’t see a link to a place to shop – Is it possible to add an image with a link as it will be great to purchase a few

    I will bookmark and come back to check more of your awesome posts

    • Tracy

      Hi Vicki! I’m glad that you stopped by there are so many incredible books to share. I had images with all of them but they really slow down the website therefore, I used text links instead, they are highlighted. I may add a few more image links. Please feel free to come by anytime and check out the updates or purchase a great book. Thanks for the comment, have a great day!

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