James Patterson’s Mitchum Series

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Hidden, Malicious, and The River Murders are the three books in James Patterson’s Mitchum series. This thrilling series was written by James Patterson and James O. Born. The first two, Hidden and Malicious were written as BookShots, (150 pages or less, for under $5). The River Murders is the latest in the series, which includes all three Mitchum books, Hidden, Malicious and Malevolent, all in one book.

The River Murders was released on January 7th, 2020. View more incredible new releases HERE I am confident that if you like James Patterson’s Alex Cross series, you are going to enjoy the Mitchum series as well. You may also enjoy the Private series.


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Who is Mitchum?

Robert Mitchum, (only his mother calls him by that name), is an ‘unofficial’, private investigator for the town of Marlboro and it’s surrounding area. He also delivers the newspaper part-time, sometimes with his dog, Bart Simpson. Mitchum had been through a few forensic and crime scene schools in the Navy as well as some classes through Dutchess Community College.

He was rejected from the Navy Seal program and now resides in Marlboro, New York, where he has more relatives than there are cops in the area. Mitchum is close with his mother, his cousin Bailey Mae helps with the paper route and Nathaniel, (Natty), his brother, well, he’s a drug dealer.



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1. Hidden (2017)

James Patterson's Mitchum Series-HiddenMitchum discovers that his fourteen-year-old niece has gone missing. It seems that three strangers, who have been seen here and there, may have something to do with her disappearance.

Clues about Bailey Mae are found at a crime scene where an elderly couple from the neighborhood are found murdered in their home. Mitchum’s family comes together, including his drug-dealing brother, to piece together clues and bring Bailey Mae home.




2. Malicious (2017)

James Patterson's Mitchum Series-MaliciousMitchum receives a disturbing call from his brother, it turns out that Pete Stahl, a close friend from high school, had been murdered and Natty needs Mitchum’s help. Natty has been charged with murder and that’s not all, he’s in love with the victim’s wife.

Nathaniel swears he didn’t have anything to do with the murder. He does, however, know a few shady people who would want to see Petey dead. Now Mitchum must break the rules and expose the truth in order to clear his brothers’ name.




3. The River Murders (2020)

James Patterson's Mitchum Series-The River Murders

Tragedy strikes too close to home when Mitchum’s mother is struck by a car. It appears to have been no accident. Mitchum and his brother Natty team up to find the person responsible.

One by one, loved ones are becoming victims of carefully staged attacks. Mitchum must go on the most dangerous hunt of his life, (which leads him to Afghanistan), in order to stop the ruthless mastermind who intends to destroy everyone around him.





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Happy Reading

Thanks for taking a look at the Mitchum series! They are lighting fast page-turners, for sure. Have you read the BookShots? If you are just now reading the series with The Three River Murders, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave your comments below and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to Alex Cross Addict today! See you next time!

James Patterson's Mitchum Series


  1. Deepanshi

    I had no idea that James Patterson wrote so many books and I had haven’t read any of the Mitchum series. I love how Mitchum and his brother Natty team up to find the person responsible for Bailey Mae’s disappearance and I can’t wait to read The River Murders. Thanks for bringing this series to my attention, I will be purchasing this series today!

  • Tracy

    James Patterson is a very prolific writer, be sure to take a look at all of my other posts and come back often to see even more! I think that you will really enjoy The River Murders. Happy Reading!

  • Shanta Rahman

    Hello ! TRACY , many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us. I love James Patterson’s Mitchum series. Your article is really informative and instructive and I learned a lot from here  .Personally I have read Hidden but I wish to read The River Murders. And by reading your article I became more interested in reading this book, I will purchase it soon and will definitely share my new experience with you and I will spread your article among my other friends so they purchase it . I would definitely like to thank you for showing us such a wonderful series. 

    • Tracy

      Welcome back Shanta! I’m happy to hear that you have already read some of the Mitchum series. The River Murders is proving to be a very popular book this year. Revenge is another one people are watching closely. I thank you for visiting and sharing my article with your friends. Happy Reading!

  • Paolo

    Hi Tracy! These are very interesting titles. I had read a bit of a summary on a forum about “Hidden”. I’d like to discover how that story ends. When the family comes together to solve some difficult cases or when tragedy happens, the family bond increases. Why does adversity bring that out of us?

    • Tracy

      Paolo, I’m happy to see you here. I hope you get the chance to discover how Hidden ends and let me know your thoughts. I believe that adversity enhances our coping abilities and knowing that we have our family’s love, support, and strength increases our bond.  Thanks for the comment, Happy Reading!

  • Harish

    While reading I know that Mitchum had been through a few forensic and crime scene schools in the Navy as well as some classes through Dutchess Community College. Mitchum’s family comes together, including his drug dealing brother, to piece together clues and bring Bailey Mae home. Thanks for giving some light on James Patterson Mitchum series. I hope everyone will like it.

    • Tracy

      I’m glad that I could shed some light. : ) It’s a great series and I hope you like it!  Thanks for visiting.

  • Paula

    I love James Patterson. I missed these before. I’ll pick them up at Amazon. I appreciate the review and giving enough info to get me intrigued. 🙂 These are exactly the kinds of fiction I enjoy. I love mysteries and I’m sure these will leave me wanting the story to continue.

    • Tracy

      Awesome Paula! I’m glad that my article intrigued you. : ) I also love a good mystery and James Patterson sure can put them out! Enjoy!

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