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James Patterson's New ReleasesCan you believe how time flies? I remember when I was a kid, I thought we would be living like the Jetson’s in 2020! Well anyway, I hope this year brings you health, happiness and new fulfulling reads! Speaking of good reads, James Patterson’s new releases for 2020 are going to blow your mind!

I can’t wait to get my hands on these books and I’m about to make it real easy for you to get your hands on them as well. So let’s get right to it.


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The River Murders

7 January

James Patterson's New ReleasesJames Patterson and James O. Born bring us three thrilling suspense stories in one. Hidden, Malicious and Malevolent.

HIDDEN: After being rejected from the Navy SEALs, Mitchum becomes his small town’s unofficial private eye. But his investigation skills are put to the test when he must find his missing teenage cousin–and uncovers a government conspiracy in the process.
MALICIOUS: Mitchum is back. His brother’s been charged with murder. Nathaniel swears he didn’t kill anyone, but word on the street is that he was involved with the victim’s wife. Now, Navy SEAL dropout Mitchum will break every rule to expose the truth–even if it destroys the people he loves.
MALEVOLENT: Mitchum has never been more desperate. One by one his loved ones have become victims of carefully staged attacks. There’s only one way to stop the ruthless mastermind intent on destroying everyone around him–to go on the most dangerous hunt of his life.

13 January

James Patterson's New ReleasesJames Patterson and James O. Born introduce Detective Tom Moon, a Miami Cop on the FBI Task Force devoted to his city and his home.
Lead Detective Tom Moon and his “Operation Guardian” team encounter an international crime ring “Blood Brothers” that is planning to take control of the City.
Russian nationals Roman and Emile Rostoff, have eluded authorities and are focusing on a target dear to Tom and they are not playing by anyone’s rules.



Middle School: Master of Disaster

17 February

James Patterson's New ReleasesYou are in for a really nice treat in the hilarious 12th installment of Middle School! Troublemakers, Rafe and Jimmy are joined by the incredibly funny characters from I Funny, Jacky Ha-Ha, Treasure Hunters AND Max Einstein.

Finally up to something good, Rafe and Jimmy are responsible for organizing a huge celebration of books and reading! However, a small issue snowballs into a BIG problem that threatens to destroy the whole party. Enjoy finding out how they try to keep things running smoothly.



24 February

James Patterson's New Releases With Detective Michael Bennett’s son in prison and the mayor’s daughter missing, a deal stikes. Bennett and the mayor have always had a tense relationship, but right now, it’s just ‘one father, helping another.’

In this serial killer spree, a murder victim in the bronx is connected to a sophisicated hacking operation as well as the mayor’s missing daughter, Natalie, a twenty-one year old computer genius. Suddenly Bennett is at the center of a dangerous triangle,




Texas Outlaw

30 March

James Patterson's New ReleasesBook two in the Rory Yates series. Texas Ranger Rory Yates is sent to a remote town in west Texas. Requested by Rio Lobo Detective, Ariana Delgado, the only one who believes that a local councilwoman’s death is no accident.

Rory untangles a web of small town secrets, lies and favors. He must get to the truth before more people die. A Texas Ranger is justice, until he sidesteps the law.



Dog Diaries: Mission Impawsible

30 March

James Patterson's New Releases Another tail-wagging adventure, It’s SUMMERTIME and Junior is getting his very own doggy vacation!  A fur-raising story about how Junior survied when his pet humans went on vacation without him.

How he survied icky vegetables. His super secret plan to steal hamburgers and how he and his pooch pals plan to break free and go home! As Junior always says, “You can’t keep a good dog down!”.






7 April

James Patterson's New Releases A new standalone thriller. Former SAS soldier David Shelley was part of the most covert operations team in the special forces. Now settling down to civilian life in London, he has plans for a safer and more stable existence. But the shocking death of a young woman Shelley once helped protect puts those plans on hold.

The police rule the death a suicide but the grieving parents can’t accept their beloved Emma would take her own life. They need to find out what really happened, and they turn to their former bodyguard, Shelley, for help.

When they discover that Emma had fallen into a dark and seedy world of drugs and online pornography, the father demands retribution. But his desire for revenge will make enemies of people that even Shelley may not be able to protect them from, and take them into a war from which there may be no escape.


The House of Kennedy

13 April

James Patterson's New Releases James Patterson with Cynthia Fagen. This might be the one, well actually, the second, that I am most excited for! So intriguing. Those who dwell in the House of Kennedy work hard, live hard, and win at all costs. But just how much has it cost them?

With assassinations. murder. plane crashes. fatal accidents. mental illness. drug overdoses. alcohol abuse, and plenty of sex scandals. This family of widows and fatherless children has been cursed with unimaginable losses ,yet even today, there remains a glamorous aura around the indomitable Kennedys.




The 20th Victim

4 May

James Patterson's New ReleasesThe Women’s Murder Club continues with three victims, three bullets and three cities.

Simultaneous murders in LA, Chicago, and San Francisco. SFPD Sergeant Lindsay Boxer’s jurisdiction, and local reporter Cindy Thomas’s beat.
The shooters’ aim is as fearsomely precise as their target selection. When Lindsay realizes that the fallen men and women excel in a lucrative, criminal activity, she leads the charge in the manhunt for the killers. As the casualty list expands, fear and fascination with this suspicious shooting gallery galvanizes the country.
The victims were no angels, but are the shooters villains . . . or heroes?
Jacky Ha-Ha: A Graphic Novel

4 May

James Patterson's New Releases James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein bring you Jacky Ha-Ha, a class clown who makes people laugh with her so they won’t laugh at her! With her irresistible urge to tell a joke in every situation–even when it’s a bad idea–Jacky Ha-Ha loves to make people laugh. And wise cracking helps distract her from thinking about not-so-funny things in her life, like her mom serving in a dangerous, faraway war, and a dad who’s hardly ever home.

But no matter how much fun Jacky has, she can’t entirely escape her worries. So one starlit night, she makes a promise to keep her family together…even if she has to give up the one thing that makes her happy. But can she stop being Jacky Ha-Ha, if that’s who she really is?





2 June

James Patterson's New ReleasesDetective Harriet Blue is no longer a Detective. Police Commissioner Joseph Woods made sure of that. Harry is now inmate 3329 and prison is a dangerous place for a former cop. She has been fighting for her life and has spent numerous hours in the infirmary. A doctor from the infirmary turns up dead and although Harry has a solid alibi, she is a suspect.

When the Commissioner’s daughter and her two year old daughter go missing Woods is desperate and strikes up a deal with Harry. She is released and paired up once again with her partner Ed Whittaker. She must find the missing persons in exchange for her freedom. With a prime suspect in the doctors murder, Harry investigates and juggles between the two cases.


Treasure Hunter: The Plunder Down Under

8 June

James Patterson's New ReleasesThe Kidd family is on their way to Australia to find Lasseter’s Gold when they are challenged by fellow treasure hunter Charlotte Badger, who challenges them to a race to the gold! But when the Kidds pull into port in Australia, their parents are suddenly arrested-they’ve been framed! It turns out Charlotte Badger is a pirate, and she’s planted a priceless stolen black opal on the Kidds’ ship, The Lost!

Now Bick, Beck, Storm and Tommy have seven days to traverse the Australian Outback, find Charlotte Badger and her pirate cronies, and bring back the evidence that will prove their parents innocent. If they fail, their parents will be found guilty and thrown in prison…forever!
The Summer House

8 June

James Patterson's New Releases One historic lake house. Seven murder victims.Four accused Army Rangers. Two versions of the truth.Only one can survive.

Sullivan County, Georgia, belongs to Sheriff Emma Williams. But not when Army Rangers posted to the local base are implicated in a major crime. To an elite team of investigators led by Major Jeremiah Cook, the physical evidence Williams swears by presents clues to an entirely different story.

The small-town sheriff has never worked a multiple homicide, and Cook knows it. Unless he can convince the locals that the recent crimes are part of a larger mystery, this outsider may never unlock the century of secrets hidden inside The Summer House.





13 July

James Patterson's New ReleasesOkay, THIS is the one I and many others are probably the most excited about! A story for a new generation of Maximum Ride fans! Max’s 17 year old daughter Hawk is growing up hard and fast in gritty, post-apocalyptic New York City. She stays under the radar to survive…until a destiny that’s perilously close to her mother’s, forces her to take flight. 

Hawk doesn’t know her real name. She doesn’t know who her family was, or where they went. The only thing she remembers is that she was told to stay on that street corner until they came back for her, for as long as it takes. That was thirteen years ago.
The day that she finally gives up is the moment that her life changes forever. Because the promise becomes reality: someone is coming for her. But it’s not a rescue. It’s an execution.



Three Women Disappear: With Bonus Novel, Come and Get Us

11 August

James Patterson's New ReleasesWhen a rich stockbroker is found dead, the police deem it a suicide. Until suspicious facts start to come up and point the finger at 3 women: his personal chef, his housekeeper, and his ex-wife. But all women have gone missing. Is it because they’re all guilty? Or is the truth even more shocking?

Bonus novel Come and Get Us
Miranda Cooper’s life takes a terrifying turn when an SUV deliberately runs her family off a desolate Arizona road. With her husband badly wounded, she must run for help alone as his cryptic parting words echo in her head: “Be careful who you trust.”



Private Moscow

3 September

James Patterson's New Releases Karl Parker, a former Marine and noted African-American telecoms magnate, is killed during an attempted kidnapping that goes badly wrong. His wife, Victoria, hires Jack Morgan, an old comrade and friend, to get to the truth.

In Moscow, Yana Petrov, an unassuming office worker, is brutally murdered in what looks like a gangland execution. Dinara Orlov, the head of Private Moscow, is made an offer she can’t refuse and agrees to investigate Petrov’s death.

Battling against the odds and compelled to face difficult truths, Jack and Dinara uncover old secrets and a geopolitical conspiracy that will permanently change the balance of global power.


Happy Reading in 2020

I hope you are as excited as I am about these new books for the new year! I will update as new information is available. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below. If you like this article, feel free to share with your friends. Thank you for visiting!

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James Patterson's New Releases

  1. Mugalu Mansoor

    Thanks very much for this wonderful article about James Patterson’s new releases because I have enjoyed this amazing information from it’s beginning to it’s end and I didn’t want to stop because all the novels you have provided are interesting to read though I would like to first read the one called Revenge because I have found it more interesting for me to read. Thanks for this information and am eagerly waiting for other novel updates.

  • Tracy

    Hi Mugalu! Thank you for reading and commenting.I’m so happy that you found the article interesting and informative. Revenge does sound like an amazing stand alone. You will have to come back after you have read it and let me know your thoughts. I hope to see you back at Alex Cross Addict real soon! Happy Reading!

  • Travis

    It is absolutely amazing how Patterson is able to pump out so many different stories in such a short time! My son has been a fan of his middle school stories for a few years now, I am looking forward to the Mitchum stories, although that Revenge book looks pretty entertaining as well. I guess both will be on my bookshelves this year!

    • Tracy

      James Patterson truly is a prolific author, check out this video to see how he does it. The Middle School series is fantastic and fun, I’m glad your son is a fan! You have pretty good taste yourself, the Mitchum series is a good choice and I am excited about Revenge too! Thanks for visiting Travis, come back often. Happy Reading!

  • Douglas

    James Patterson is my absolute favorite author but I have only read the Alex Cross books and not even all of them yet.  My stepdad has gotten me into the books and they are fantastic.  I do have on question for you and that would be how the heck does he write so many books every year.  That is so crazy and yet they are full of such great content and such good stories as well.  I also didn’t know he wrote kids books how cool is that to be able to write such great books for all ages.  I am glad you have put this out here and that I found it so I can bookmark and find some more ideas of books to read.  Thank you very much.


    • Tracy

      Hey Douglas! It sounds like you had a good role model and I’m happy to hear how much you enjoy the Alex Cross series. I’m sure you will finish the series and hopefully find a few more James Patterson books that interest you. I love that you asked how he writes so many books every year. Here is a really great video that will answer that question for you. The fact that James Patterson writes children’s books seems to be a suprise to many. You will also hear about that in the aforementioned video. Thanks for visiting and bookmarking Alex Cross Addict. Let me know if I can help you with anything else. Have a wonderful day!

  • Bob Lynch

    Hi Tracy, I’m a little confused by the name of your website.  I can only assume Alex Cross is an author.  I’m sorry to say I don’t know who he/she is.  My first thought when I opened the page was that it would be about addiction of some sort.  Maybe I totally missed the point?  I like that you’re upfront about your affiliate business.  On the other hand, I’m not sure I understand the connection between Alex Cross and James Patterson.  Again, maybe I completely missed the point.  On the other hand, I loved the Jetsons video.  It brought back a lot of memories.  I wish you all the best.

    • Tracy

      Hi Bob. I’m sorry that you were confused by the website title. However, it does state in the title; Alex Cross Addict/Books by James Patterson.  Alex Cross is a book series written by James Patterson. James Patterson is a very famous Author. James Patterson fans are very familiar with the Alex Cross Series, probably more than any other book or series written by James Patterson. I’m addicted to the Alex Cross Series, hence the name. I am happy that you looked at the website and took the time to leave a comment. I hope that you give James Patterson’s books a try some day, they are really ‘addicting’ and easy to read. Also, I’m glad you liked the Jetson’s video, it was one of my favorites as a kid and I thought it would be a fun addition. Have a great day Bob!

  • Anastazja

    Your article introducing all these new works is practical and interesting.  I am an avid reading of Child, Patterson, Cussler and other adventure/mystery/action writers.   Rather than spend time searching for what is coming out, I can simply look at this site for works by Patterson over the new number of months.  Thanks for taking the time to do this.  I am book marking the site for future reference.

    • Tracy

      Thank you Anastazja. I’ve always been a reader as well. I am happy to hear that you bookmarked Alex Cross Addict. That is the very reason that I wrote James Patterson’s New Releases 2020. When I’m searching for books, I want to find simplicity and order. I’m happy that you found this page useful. Thanks for visiting. Happy Reading!

  • Zach

    Awesome new page I can’t wait for all of them to come out so I can get my hands on them and start reading them all!!!

    • Tracy

      I’m glad you like it Zach! I’m really excited myself, I look forward to reading all of James Patterson’s New Releases. Which one do you want to read first? Thanks for visiting again 🙂

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