Middle School Series

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I always get really excited about these books, and all of the other Jimmy Patterson books, mainly because they are so much fun. Most importantly because they encourage kids to read. I am not ashamed to say that I myself read James Patterson’s Middle School series and many others. It keeps me young at heart. Currently, there are eighteen books in the series written mainly for ages 8 to 13. Enjoy!


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Young Adult Books by James Patterson

Patterson started writing for young adults after his (reluctant to read) son Jack started to enjoy reading books. He is very passionate about children’s literacy. The first series he wrote was Maximum Ride. Then came Daniel X, Witch & Wizard, Middle School, Treasure Hunters, I Funny, and House of Robots.

The Middle School series is the one that he is most proud of, it’s just one series of many children’s books by James Patterson Like many of his books, this series has short chapters. They’re fun and fast-paced. Kids will appreciate the amusing illustrations. They will laugh out loud and adore the star of this series, Rafe Khatchadorian, an unlikely middle school hero.

Rafael ‘Rafe’ KhatchadorianMiddle School Series

The protagonist of the Middle School series lives with his single mother Jules, his little sister, Georgia, and his dog Calvin. He also had a brother that died of cancer.

Rafe is a natural-born artist but has a hard time accepting it. He’s a complaisant sixth grader trying to make it through middle school. He doesn’t have any friends other than “Leo the Silent” and h

has a really hard time fitting in. Rafe trusts no one except for his mom. He absolutely hates school and his future stepfather Carl (Bear).

Operation R.A.F.E.

Rafe plans to make his time in middle school, legendary and so begins Operation R.A.F.E. (Rules Aren’t For Everyone). He pulls a few pranks and breaks some rules. Rafe also suffers the consequences, he gets grounded, detention, and even expelled.

Follow Rafe and his sister through the challenges of family drama, school, field trips, summer camp, and many other adventures. There are great lessons in these books, they are inspiring for children that are reluctant to read. They can empower those who struggle academically and don’t always feel like they belong.


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Middle School Series in Order

1. The Worst Years of My Life (2011)

Middle School Series-The Worst Years of My Life


2. Get Me Out of Here! (2012)

Middle School Series-Get Me Out of Here

3. Big, Fat Liar (2013)

Middle School Series-Big, Fat Liar

4. How I Survived Bullies, Broccoli and Snake Hill (2013)

Middle School Series-How I Survived Bullies, Broccoli and Snake Hill

5. Ultimate Showdown (2014)

Middle School Series-Ultimate Showdown

5.5. How I Got Lost in London (2014)

Middle School Series-How I Got Lost in London

6. Save Rafe (2015)

Middle School Series-Save Rafe

7. Just My Rotten Luck (2015)

Middle School Series-Just My Rotten Luck

7.25. Rafe’s Aussie Adventure (2015)

Middle School Series-Rafe's Aussie Adventure



7.5. Going Bush (2016)

Middle School Series-Going Bush



8. Dog’s Best Friend (2016)

Middle School Series-Dog's Best Friend

9. Escape to Australia (2017)

Middle School Series-Escape to Australia

10. From Hero to Zero (2018)

Middle School Series-From Hero to Zero

11. Born to Rock (2019)

Middle School Series-Born to Rock

12. Master of Disaster (2020).

Middle School Series-Master of Disaster

13. Field Trip Fiasco (2021)

Middle School Series - Field Trip Fiasco

14. It’s a Zoo in Here! (2022)

Middle School Series - It's a Zoo in Here

15. Middle School: Winter Blunderland (2022)

Kindle Edition

Middle School Series - Winter Blunderland

Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life (Movie)

This book was so fantastic that naturally, it became a movie, Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life (2016). In fact, James Patterson loves this movie, it’s his favorite adaptation of any of his books thus far. AND a little birdie tells me that he is also working on a film sequel to Middle School! I’m ecstatic!



In Conclusion

There is a lot to love about this series. I hope that you check it out, it would make a wonderful gift for the kids in your family or circle of friends. I appreciate you visiting, come back and let me know if you have read any of these books or seen the movie. Leave your comments below, and subscribe if you haven’t already. Happy Reading!

 Middle School Series-Home

  1. Mohammad

    It is a surprise for me that James Patterson wrote Children’s Books I thought he only write adult fiction. To tell you the truth I myself enjoy reading these stories, as they are so fun and enjoyable. I am currently reading the ambassador’s mission by Trudi Canavan and after I finish reading this I might read these books :D.

    I still have my inner kid inside my soul! haha

    Thank you for this amazing post, I love reading and I would love to read later another post from you about a fantasy story that is just amazing and new.

  • Tracy

    The fact that James Patterson writes much more than just adult fiction/thrillers is a surprise to many people. Other than to promote reading, I do this so the world can see that there is a whole lot more to James Patterson than they probably realized.
    I’m really happy that you found this post and that you are a fellow reader with the heart of a child still within.
    Trudi Canavan’s Kyralia series sounds pretty good. I hope you are enjoying it. There are many Fantasies written by Patterson as well. I promise you, I will be writing about them soon. I hope you get the chance to read The Middle School Series and come back to tell me what you think.
    Thank you so much for your comments. Keep Reading ; )

  • Kat

    It’s great to see that this series is aimed at young readers who are reluctant to read. My number 2 child used to be a reluctant reader and having these available would have been helpful to get her to read. Luckily she reads now more easily as she has become a tween almost teen. Now it’s my youngest child who is even more reluctant to read, so this has come to my attention at the right time. I will l have to look into these books to see if it will help her read more. Thanks for creating this post for those of us who want to help our children enjoy reading.

    • Tracy

      Hey Kat, Thanks for visiting! I’m so happy that you found this site, I know that you will find something that will inspire your daughter. The Middle School Series is a great choice. Soon, I will be adding reviews on more young adult fiction. There is something for all ages and with his writing style, his books are easy to read and hard to put down. James Patterson has so much to offer and I love what he does for our kiddo’s.

  • Rique Wolf

    Hi Love The Awesomeness of each New Adventure.
    Great Series to Read One Day 🙂


    • Tracy

      Thanks for stopping by Rique. This really is a great series and I hope that you do read it. Come by an tell me your thoughts.

  • Greg

    Sorry to say I had never heard about these books. After reading this post they sound like a great series. I’d like to read up on Rafe myself due to my new curiosity. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Tracy

      Thanks for visiting Greg! It’s ok that you have never heard of these books, that’s exactly why I do what I do. I love to show the world what a great writer James Patterson is and how he has so many genre’s to choose from. Many people had no idea that he wrote children’s books. Most people only know of the Alex Cross series, which is actually my favorite, but there are so many more. I do hope that you check some out sometime, there really is something for everyone. Have a wonderful day!

  • Henry

    Hello Tracy! I enjoyed reading books as a kid. In fact I read book after book. That’s why I can’t understand how some children just don’t like to read. But I get it, we’re not all the same. And it’s probably that they haven’t been exposed to books that are appealing for their age. But you have given me an excellent option: Middle School Series by James Patterson sound great. I can’t resist reading some of the books myself before I give them as a gift. Thank you very much!

    PD: Just in case you’re wondering. Most people that read a lot, naturally also have good writing skills. English isn’t my mother tongue so pardon me if some sentences sound unnatural! Most of those books I read were in a foreign language. LOL! Wink! 🙂

    • Tracy

      Hello Henry! Thanks for visiting. First and foremost your sentences were just fine ; ) It’s hard to imagine not growing up with a plethora of books, but some children were just not influenced or inspired. I’m really happy that James Patterson is working so hard at getting our kids to read again. His books are fantastic and The Middle School Series is a really great choice for kids. Keep gifting with books, it’s a wonderful thing your doing. (you can read them first, I won’t tell, lol). Have a wonderful day!

  • Steve

    Thanks so much for writing this article! I really had no idea that James Patterson wrote anything other than adult fiction. I knew of his Alex Cross novels, but hadn’t a clue that he also wrote literature for a younger audience. I like the reason he got into it as well. That’s really cool.

    Thanks for making me aware of his other works, as they look like they are fun, and much less serious than what he is most famous for. Do you find that we they have a good message or are they more for the purpose of light reading?

    • Tracy

      Hi Steve! Thanks for visiting. James Patterson writes so many different genre’s, much of the time he writes several different ones at once, he’s amazing! I am so happy that you learned something new about him today, that is my number one goal. The Middle School Series in particular, does send a good message. Check them out when you get the chance. 

  • My Daily Pointers

    Reading is one of my favorite things in the world to do and I love that young readers are being exposed to such pieces of literature.  The maximum Ride series was one of my favorites (yes, even as an adult, i enjoyed it).  I also found that many of my middle school students enjoyed the series as well.

    My niece is only ten years old but has developed a love of reading as well.  I may have to check out his books with her!

    • Tracy

      Thank you so much for visiting. I’m with you on the Maximum Ride series, not afraid to admit that I enjoy young adult fiction as well. I plan to write about that series very soon. James Patterson has definitely done something wonderful for children. I hope that you do introduce your niece to his books and come back and let me know what she thought. I look forward to hearing from you again, Have a great day!

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