James Patterson’s Zoo Series

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There are two books in James Patterson’s Zoo series, Zoo (another New York Times Best Seller) is a Science Fiction Thriller that was published in 2012. It was written by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge, Zoo 2 was published in 2016 by Patterson and Max DiLallo and was written as a BookShot or short story.

Another series with easy to read, short chapters that are extremely difficult to put down. A story about brutal animal attacks on humans all over the world. Some people say that Zoo is Patterson’s best book ever.





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James Patterson had taken notice of the way we humans were not treating our planet as well as we should.  On top of that, like many of us, he had seen some strange things going on with animals in the media. For instance, fish jumping into boats in Michigan, crocodiles barking like dogs, and alligator attacks in Florida. These things combined, stimulated his imagination and soon thereafter inspired James Patterson’s Zoo series.

James Patterson's Zoo Series



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James Patterson's Zoo Series-ZooA young biologist (Jackson Oz) tried to warn scientists about the increasing number of mammal attacks on humans. Nobody listened. Oz decided to continue data collecting full time and try to plead his case. Now vicious attacks are destroying cities all over the world and Oz watches these intensifying events with a rising sense of fear.

While on a trip to Africa, the extreme scale of violence becomes terrifyingly clear when Oz saves the life of an ecologist (Chloe Tousignant) from a vicious attack and survives a seemingly coordinated lion ambush that kills more than 100  people.

When Oz returns to America he finds his girlfriend partly eaten by his pet chimpanzee. Chloe assists Oz in warning world leaders before it’s too late. Soon there will be no place to hide as these dangerous and vicious attacks are growing.

Some years later, Oz’s theory is recognized and the U.S. President recruits him to find answers before it’s too late.

Zoo 2

James Patterson's Zoo Series-Zoo 2Oz and his family have been living in Greenland (in seclusion), while humans all over the world continue to be brutally attacked. A sickness has now spread to humans and they are mutating.

When the U.S. Department of Energy calls upon Oz, he is enticed by their new scientific approach to the Human-Animal Conflict. He leaves his family behind to gather evidence that may help find a cure before the world is taken over completely.


The Television Series

Zoo, the television series aired on CBS beginning in 2015. It stars James Wolk (Jackson), Nora Arnezeder (Chloe)., Billy Burke (Mitch), Kristen Connolly (Jamie), and Nonzo Anozie (Abraham). There are three seasons and 39 episodes.

The series starts off like the book, however, they go further than the book. There are new characters and new threats. Patterson is the executive producer and he was very supportive through all of it.

Violent animal attacks on humans are happening all over the world. Zoologist, Jackson Oz investigates the attacks along with his team that includes a safari guide, a journalist, a veterinarian, and a French intelligence agent. A virus has infected the animals and is causing this strange behavior. The team travels the world looking for a cure.

James Patterson's Zoo Series-Zoo season one


James Patterson's Zoo Series-Zoo season two

James Patterson's Zoo Series-Zoo season three

In Conclusion

Many people agree that books are almost always better than the movie or the t.v. series that they are adapted from. I personally think that this particular adaptation just might be better than the book and I NEVER say that.

Currently, I am watching the series and I think it’s fabulous. There are so many twists and turns. It’s intense, a little scary, a little funny, a little sweet, a little sad and the animals, oh my! The writers of this series did a great job, Zoo is just amazing.

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  1. Donna

    Just binge watched the series..and now im searching for the reason behind this madness of a cliff hanger!!..lol guess ill find the books for some kind of closure! LOL

  • Tracy

    LOL, I’m glad you loved it Donna. : )

  • Donna

    I found the TV series fascinating but ended in a cliff hanger. If they are cancelling a series they should at least close it. Sometimes another episode is all that is needed or just don’t add that cliff hanger and leave the viewer dissatisfied

    • Tracy

      I completely agree with you Donna. It is so disappointing. : (

  • Ursula Osborne

    Is there going to be a third Zoo book? I have enjoyed both film and books, the story line is so different in each.

    • Tracy

      Hi Ursula! I sure do hope so, I really enjoyed them both as well. I have not heard anything as of yet but I sure will update the post if I do. Thanks for visiting and Happy Reading!

  • Teri Kramer

    I just watched the series and it was awesome! just very dissapponted there is no closure/finish.. what happened to the baby… I’d love to either read what happens or see another series that has a series finale. I plan to read the 2 books now as well just to see the differences

    • Tracy

      Hi Teri, I agree 100%, Zoo was a fantastic series and I wish it would continue. I think you will enjoy the books, you will have to come back and let me know. : ) Thanks for your comment and Happy Reading!

  • suzanne

    Hi Tracy,
    I agree with you here, the TV series was amazing. I haven’t read the book yet, though.
    I wish they hadn’t cancelled the series. It seemed to end with a cliff hanger, which was so disappointing.
    May he can write another book and pick up where the series left off, lol.
    It’s good to know that he was the executive producer and approved of all they did. Often times any TV series will be significantly different from the book.
    Thanks again,

    • Tracy

      Hi Suzanne! Thanks for visiting. I’m glad you watched the Zoo series, I loved it and like you was so disappointed that it had to end the way it did. I heard a rumor that Netflix was thinking about taking on the series so that they can continue, I sure hope that’s true, but I’m not getting my hopes up. Anyway, Thanks again, have a great day.

  • Kendra`

    I had no idea James Patterson had this series and the tv show made from it! Out of the two books in the series, which one did you prefer and why? Thank you.

    • Tracy

      Hi Kendra! Thanks for reading about the Zoo, my favorite thing about this website is that I get to help visitors find something new. I don’t really have a favorite since it is a series however, if I had to pick it would be Zoo, only because Zoo 2 is so short, I wanted more detail and more story. Thanks again for visiting, I hope you find something you like from James Patterson. Have a great Day!

  • Kavitha

    This seems to be interesting. Sometimes movies fail to do justice to the books. So people have a general opinion that movies or series will not be good. Ther are exceptions. Does the series available on Netflix?

    • Tracy

      Thanks for visiting! This time in my opinion Zoo the television series is fantastic. Yes it is available on Netflix.

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