Treasure Hunters Book Series

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Written by Bestselling Author of Middle School and I Funny, James Patterson with Chris Grabenstein and Mark Shulman, The Treasure Hunters book series is an action/adventure for young adults, filled with action, humor, and love. Illustrations add to the fun and make this an easy to read series for reluctant readers ages 8 – 12 and for us adults that enjoy a good children’s book now and then.

Treasure Hunters Book Series


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The Kidd’s

Treasure Hunters Book Series

Tommy, who happens to be a great sailor is the oldest of the four and he likes to flirt with every girl he sees. When his father disappears, Tommy is also the ‘Captain of the ship’. Storm is very smart, she remembers everything she sees or reads, she was blessed with a photographic memory, and Bick and Beck are the attentive and tough twins that always fight.






Treasure Hunters Book Series-Treasure Hunters1. Treasure Hunters (2013)


The four Kidd children have been raised on a ship named ‘The Lost’  traveling the world in search of treasure, diving to old shipwrecks, recovering artifacts, swords, and gold coins from the bottom of the ocean.

When their well-known parents disappeared (dad had presumably drowned and mom was captured) the children decided to stay on The Lost and continue their parents’ work. Primarily, this book is about surviving on your own and never giving up.

With their own special talents and treasure hunting abilities, the children continue to search for treasure and work together in the face of danger. They receive threats from secret agents and ninja pirates as well as, Nathan Collier, their father’s evil archenemy and fellow treasure hunter… Among the ship, they also find some pretty big secrets and clues to the whereabouts of their parents.

Treasure Hunters Book Series-Danger Down the Nile2. Danger Down the Nile (2014)


They have completed their first treasure hunt however, their mother is still missing.  The children are in search of a special artifact that ‘may’ be in the legendary Mines of King Solomon, an artifact that may help them save their mother.

Following the Nile river, the children face many challenges, they survive danger and tolerate threatening environments from the pyramids to the desert and the jungle.

Pirates and evil treasure hunters are on the tails of Tommy, Storm, Bick, and Beck, they want the artifact and they will do anything to get it.

Treasure Hunters Book Series-Treasure of the Forbidden City3. Secret of the Forbidden City (2015)


In a race against time, this journey leads the children to China, to the Great Wall, and in to Berlin.

They travel with who they believe to be their father’s boss from the CIA (Timothy Quinn) and try to hold on to the ancient artifact that will ultimately save their mother.

Tommy, Storm, Bick, and Beck receive a video of their mother and eventually find more secrets and clues from their father, including a message telling them to go to Germany.

Treasure Hunters Book Series-Peril at the Top of the World4. Peril at the Top of the World (2016)


The Kidd family should be enjoying some time off from treasure hunting. Instead, they are headed to Russia to hunt down stolen treasure.

In Moscow, paintings by Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt have gone missing. The Kidd’s are accused of stealing the paintings. Additionally, they are very close to being thrown into prison for a crime they obviously did not commit.

Chasing bad guys and following more clues in this new adventure soon leads the Kidd family to Antarctica.

Treasure Hunters Book Series-Quest for the City of Gold5. Quest for the City of Gold (2018)


When Bick and Beck find a pirates treasure, they also find a map. The map has more clues to a much bigger treasure. A city made entirely of gold! A lost city in South America.

When the map is stolen the family works together to fight off pirates, snakes, and spears. Storm must use her photographic memory to lead the Kidd family through the dangerous Amazon Jungle. They must get to the lost city before the bad guys do.

Treasure Hunters Book Series-All American Adventure6. All American Adventure (2019)


Tommy, Storm, Bick, and Beck are back in the United States. They adventure across the country until a conspiracy is discovered.

A forged Bill of Rights. Now the Kidd family must uncover this conspiracy. They must do it before the country as we know it is completely changed.


Treasure Hunters Book Series-The Plunder Down Under7. The Plunder Down Under (2020)

The Kidd family is on their way to Australia to find Lasseter’s Gold when they are challenged by fellow treasure hunter Charlotte Badger, who challenges them to a race to the gold! But when the Kidds pull into port in Australia, their parents are suddenly arrested-they’ve been framed! It turns out Charlotte Badger is a pirate, and she’s planted a priceless stolen black opal on the Kidds’ ship, The Lost!

Now Bick, Beck, Storm, and Tommy have seven days to traverse the Australian Outback, find Charlotte Badger and her pirate cronies, and bring back the evidence that will prove their parents innocent. If they fail, their parents will be found guilty and thrown in prison…forever!

Treasure Hunters Book Series - The Ultimate Quest8. The Ultimate Quest (2022)

The Kidd family is on an exciting new mission: use the augmented reality gear their parents created to uncover long-lost treasure. But then their ship, The Lost, explodes in a ball of fire! Now Bick, Beck, Tommy, and Storm are stranded on a raft in the Mediterranean Sea, and their parents have been kidnapped by maniacal treasure hunters. It’s up to the Kidd siblings to follow clues around the globe to uncover an ancient treasure and save their parents…before they lose everything!




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  1. Mark

    Thanks for the brief but insightful review into this series. I’ve not read James Patterson’s work but you make this series worth exploring.

  • Tracy

    Thank you Mark, Treasure Hunters really is worth exploring and I hope you get the chance to check it out. This series makes for a great gift too! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  • Daniel E Ortiz

    I stumbled on to this site looking for a good book to read myself. and honestly, even though these are kids books they sound really interesting and original. thanks, for sharing! who knew such an interesting series existed!

    • Tracy

      Hi Daniel! Most people are surprised to find out that James Patterson writes children’s books as well as many other genre’s. Treasure Hunters really is a great series for kids and adults. Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!

  • Timotheus

    When I was a child, I love reading a series by Enid Blyton – the Adventure series. There was the Island of Adventure, Sea of Adventure, and many more. And I loved them all!

    This treasure hunter series sounds like right up my alley. Lost treasure, sailing the seas, exploring the world. I can see myself reading and being a part of this other world.

    And I would love to introduce this to my 7 year old niece. She is starting to explore novels, and I believe this would be an ideal choice. Thank you for sharing this. I look forward to buying the first book and sharing it with my niece.

    • Tracy

      A fellow reader! I’m happy to hear that you looked over the Treasure Hunter’s Series. These stories are pretty exciting. I’m confident that your niece will love the novels. I have never read the Adventure series by Enid Blyton, I may need to give them a try. Come back often, there are many more novels and series that I will be adding. Have a wonderful day. Happy Reading!

  • Colleen W

    Ok… your post makes the series sound so interesting and exciting. When I was younger, I loved to read all of the books in particular series. I have no doubt that this particular series would have been on my “To Read” list.

    • Tracy

      Hi Colleen! Thanks for stopping by! I’m happy to hear that you think the Treasure Hunters Series sounds interesting and exciting, it really is. I bet you would have enjoyed it when you were younger and I bet you would also like it now ; ) Check out my other post, I’m sure you will find something you just have to read! Have a great day!

  • David Palla

    Thi is a very informative piece Tracy, I must confess that I’m not very much into novels and fiction but you have add this series so attractive. The clarity with which you  have brought out the themes of the series make it very easy to follow. The age bracket of the kids when they were left with their parents is unclear and makes one very anxious about how they could face all that danger and survive. Your writing makes the series very thrilling and I think I will create time to go through it. 

    So, yes, this a nice piece and it ha really encouraged me to consider this series 

    Thanks Tracy   

    • Tracy

      Hi David! Thank you for looking into the Treasure Hunters Book Series. I’m happy to hear that you are interested. This really is a fantastic series for kids and adults that are still kids at heart. Have a great day! 

  • Rina

    Hi there, I’ve been browsing all of the wonderful books you have posted here and I would love to start my christmas shopping by getting a few of these titles for my grand kids. The grandkids mother decided to get them a Kindle reader, so it wiill be great if they come in a digital version. However, I still think you can’t beat the hard versions so might go for those instead anyway. 

    • Tracy

      Thank you for visiting! Yes they do come in the digital version and the hard version. I am a fan of the hardcover books and would choose them over anything else. But times change and to each their own. As long as we are reading, it really doesn’t matter what or how. James Patterson has so many different genres’ to choose from. I know that you will get the best gifts ever! Have a wonderful day and come back to visit anytime!

  • hYRETTE1

    Great books to recommend. Gets youngsters thinking and maybe adults too

    • Tracy

      Thank you! James Patterson’s books really are great and I love what he does for the kiddo’s. I think I like some of the kids books even more! Come back often. Have a wonderful day!

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