James Patterson’s House of Robots

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More fun with Chris Grabenstein in James Patterson’s House of Robots.  This series is sure to bring out the giggles. The short fast-paced chapters are perfect for reluctant readers ages 8 to 12, especially young boys who love robots.

I absolutely love how the books sneak in some new vocabulary and I can’t imagine them without the fun black and white illustrations by Juliana Neufeld. The very likable, ‘Sammy Hayes-Rodriguez’ tells these compassionate stories about family and friendship from his point of view.

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Sammy Hayes-Rodriquez

Sammy Hayes-Rodriquez is a 12-year-old 5th grader who attends Creekside Elementary in South Bend, Indiana. His father Noah Rodriquez is a graphic novel illustrator, and his mother, Professor Elizabeth Hayes Ph.D., is a doctor who specializes in robotics.

The beautiful blue-eyed ‘Maddie’ is Sammy’s very intelligent younger sister, the best sister ever. Maggie has a terrible disease, SCID (severe combined immunodeficiency) that leaves her immune system defenseless, she has to stay protected and can not attend school. ‘Trip’ (Harry Hunter Hudson) is Sammy’s awkward best friend (outside of Maddie, of course) who really, really likes peanut butter banana sandwiches.

Sammy’s living situation is not exactly normal. He lives in a house full of his mother’s creations. A house full of robots programmed to do everything from making breakfast to cleaning house and tutoring, and some of the robots do nothing useful at all.





1. House of Robots (2014)

James Patterson's House of Robots-House of Robots 1In the first book of the series, Sammy’s mother built a brand new robot specially made for Maddie. The robot would go to school for Maggie and be her eyes and ears since she herself was unable to attend. The 5ft tall robot’s name is ‘E’ and according to Sammy, it stands for ERROR. Sammy has never really “fit in” and now he has to go to school with his mother’s newest invention, a robot who thinks he is Sammy’s bro-bot! Sammy is in for a whole lot of teasing, and he wants nothing to do with E until something horrible happens.




2. House of Robots: Robots Go Wild (2015)

James Patterson's House of Robots - Robots Go WildIn book two of the House of Robots series, it’s ‘bot brains versus ‘bot brawn in an all-out war!
Sammy Hayes-Rodriguez and his “bro-bot” E are making new friends every day as E works as his bedridden sister Maddie’s school proxy. But disaster strikes when E malfunctions just in time to be upstaged by the super-cool new robot on the block, and loses his ability to help Maddie. Now it’s up to Sammy to figure out what’s wrong with E and save his family!




3. House of Robots: Robot Revolution (2017)

James Patterson's House of Robots- Robot RevolutionIt’s a robot revolt! As Sammy’s inventor mom works on a secret project, he and his sister try to contain the hilarious pranks and chaos of droids on strike.
After a few early glitches in their relationship, Sammy and his “bro-bot” E are now fast friends. In fact, E is such a valued member of the family that the other electronic occupants of the House of Robots are feeling sorely unappreciated. And when Sammy’s inventor mom becomes distracted by a top-secret project, the robots soon begin to fall into disrepair.
Cue a robot revolt, with the droids wreaking harmless havoc in the house! Armed with pranks like glue in the shampoo bottles and flying toast missiles, the robots demand to be cared for. It’s up to Sammy and his disabled sister Maddie to keep the peace until his mom reveals her secret project . . . and why it was worth the wait.




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Animated Web Series

There is a five-part animated web series of House of Robots on YouTube channel FRED. Here is the trailer…


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  1. Anthony Hu

    Thanks for introducing House of Robots. The series from James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein give an extraordinary robot signs up for an ordinary fifth grade class. 

    I am impressed by the story, which started when Sammy’s genius mom insists he bring her newest invention to school: a walking, talking robot he calls E-for “Error”. Sammy’s no stranger to robots; his house is full of a colorful cast of them. 

    But this one not only thinks it’s Sammy’s brother . . . it’s actually even nerdier than Sammy. The E is Sammy’s one-way ticket to Loserville. He prove to the world that it’s cool to be square. It’s a roller-coaster ride for Sammy to discover the amazing secret E holds that could change family forever … However all goes well on the trial run!

  • Tracy

    Hey there Anthony! You bet! The House of Robots is a pretty cool series, I’m glad you enjoyed the read. Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts. Happy Reading!

  • evans

    Heard of the marvelous añd intriguing books on robots written by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein. They did an amazing job with the House of Robots series…they are revolutionary writers and they have won lots of awards on book series written by them… I am looking forward to studying more of their books and will share the ideas on my blog when I do…

    • Tracy

      Hi Evans! Thanks for the comment, Patterson, and Grabenstein do very well together, that’s for sure. I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed the article. Happy Reading!

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