Michael Bennett Series

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Another one of my favorite series, thanks to the edge of your seat suspense and drama. If you enjoyed the Alex Cross series, you are going to want to read the Michael Bennett Series as well. It is the top-selling New York detective series of all time. James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge wrote nine intriguing thrillers for this series and one BookShot, Chase. James O. Born was the co-writer for the last five Michael Bennett Books as well as the BookShot, Manhunt.



Michael Bennett

A dedicated police detective with the N.Y.P.D. Michael Bennett is a six-foot-three, stocky, two hundred pound Irish American. He and his wife Maeve adopted ten children, Chrissy, Shawna, Trent, Fiona, Bridget, Eddy, Ricky, Jane, Brian, and Juliana.

Mike and Maeve could not have children of their own. Between her work as a trauma nurse at Jacobi Medical Center and Mike’s cases, they began adopting one by one. Each of the kids survived some horrific circumstances, drug addiction, poverty, and suicide to name a few.

Their grandfather Seamus and a nanny from Ireland, Mary Catherine help care for the children after their mother lost her battle with cancer in December of 2007. Mike tries to deal with his grief and move on. He’s not perfect and things are not easy but, his children are always his number one priority.




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1. Step On A Crack (2007)

Michael Bennett Series-Step on a Crack

Former First Lady, Caroline Hopkins falls ill to an allergic reaction during dinner. As a result, she died at the hospital. The First Lady’s high-profile funeral took place in Manhattan at the St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Upon returning home from a hospital visit with his cancer-stricken wife., Michael Bennett receives an urgent phone call. There had been a report of shots fired at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The President, the Mayor of New York, and many other high-profile attendees of the First Lady’s funeral are now hostages.

As the threat rises, Mike, the hostage negotiator, receives the shattering news that his wife, Maeve has passed. He now has to raise ten children alone and rescue thirty-four hostages.


2. Run For Your Life (2009)

Michael Bennett Series-Run for your life

All ten of the Bennett children have come down with the flu. Apparently that is not challenging enough. Detective Michael Bennett is also dealing with the ‘Teacher’ case. A manipulative serial killer that’s murdering the “arrogant”, wealthy people of New York. The Teacher’s message is ” Mind your manners or suffer the consequences.”

When Detective Bennett discovers a pattern he realizes that he has only a few hours to save the people of New York before it’s too late.


3. Worst Case (2010)

Michael Bennett Series-Worst Case

Teenagers from some of the wealthiest people in New York are being abducted. Detective Michael Bennett is heading the case. The abductor doesn’t want money, he quizzes his hostages and if they fail. they die.

When more teens disappear, the FBI sends in Abduction Specialist Emily Parker. Detective Bennett and Agent Parker team up to catch the killer. He changes up his routine, which leads to the most shocking demonstration of all.

In the midst of all of this, there are some sparks between Mike and Emily. Mary Catherine (the nanny) seems a bit jealous.


4. Tick Tock (2011)

Michael Bennett Series-Tick Tock

One week into a much-needed beach vacation with his huge family, Mike gets a call from his new boss. They found a very sophisticated bomb at the New York Public Library, disarmed, but with a note attached, “This wasn’t supposed to go BOOM, but the next one will.”

Not only are Mike’s kids being terrorized by some local kids and his love life is, well, interesting, but now bodies are piling up all over New York City and he must stop the bomber before he strikes again.


5. I, Michael Bennett (2012)

Michael Bennett Series-I Michael Bennett

Mike’s close friend, FBI Agent, Hughie McDonough, and two other officers are dead after a deadly chase to bring down a notorious Mexican drug lord, Manuel Perrine. Although an arrest was made, witnesses, police officers, judges, and even families are in danger if not dead already.

With Perrine looking for revenge, Mike tries to take his family to safety but it seems he nor the police can keep his family safe.

Tara McLellan a partner in the investigation may stir up trouble in the relationship between Mike and Mary Catherine.


6. Gone (2013)

Michael Bennett Series-Gone

The Bennett family is living safely on a California cattle ranch. Eight months after they entered the witness protection program, Mike was thumbing through the news when he read a breaking news headline, ‘Manuel Perrine Suspected in Multiple Bloodbaths.’  He is back with a vengeance, continuing his reign of terror across the country.

Old friend and partner, Agent Emily Parker arrives at the ranch, the FBI needs Detective Michael Bennett to risk everything and put an end to Perrine’s war on America.


7. Burn (2014)

Michael Bennett Series-Burn

After the takedown of Perrine, the Bennett family is finally going home to New York. The kids are excited about going back to school and Mike can’t wait to be back on the job.

Detective Bennett has his hands full this time, with the growing relationship between Mary Catherine and himself, a string of jewelry heists as well as some charred bodies and cannibalism. To top it all off, one of the children’s biological father shows up to claim his daughter.


8. Alert (2015)

Michael Bennett Series-Alert

Mary Catherine’s mother has passed away and Mary needs to stay in Ireland until she sells her mother’s hotel. Despite his urge to stay with Mary Catherine in Ireland, Mike must fly back to the states for his job and his children.

Agent Emily Parker is back with Detective Michael Bennett to seize the perpetrators responsible for the attacks going on in New York. They are investigating high-tech attacks including a subway explosion. When a horrifying assassination takes place, Detective Bennett realizes that this is just the beginning of something much bigger.


9. Bullseye (2016)

Michael Bennett Series-Bullseye

The Secret Service received notification of a possible assassination attempt on the President during his United Nations Summit in Manhattan. Detective Michael Bennett is responsible for finding out who is behind it before it’s too late. At the same time, a couple of lethal assassins are on the loose and the Bennett family find trouble when they take in a teen who needs a place to stay,


10. Haunted (2017)

Michael Bennett Series-Haunted

After his son is charged with the distribution of narcotics and the family is pushed to their limits, Mike takes the family on a much needed three-week vacation in Maine.

The vacation turns into a working holiday when teens go missing and bodies are being found in the small town of Maine. Drugs are involved and this turns very personal.


11. Ambush (2018)

Michael Bennett Series-Ambush

Detective Michael Bennett and his rookie partner receive an anonymous tip that turns out to be a setup. Members of the Bennett family are targets. After a series of murders and his sons’ attack while serving time. Mike knows this must be a professional killer and he knows it’s personal, he must protect his family and his city.


12. Blindside (2020)

Michael Bennett Series-Blindside

With Detective Michael Bennett’s son in prison and the mayor’s daughter missing, a deal stikes. A murder victim in the Bronx is connected to a sophisticated hacking operation and to the mayor’s missing daughter, computer genius.



13. The Russian (2021)

Michael Bennett Series-The Russian

A killer crashes Detective Michael Bennett’s wedding.

A series of gruesome murders in New York City has Michael Bennett angry, but when he identifies similar cases in Atlanta and San Francisco, his feelings escalate into an all-out alarm. All of the victims are young women. And each one is killed in a horrifyingly distinct fashion.
In the midst of such a devastating loss of life, Bennett’s longtime love, Mary Catherine, is soon to become his bride. As Bennett toils to connect the cases, the killer strikes again, adding to his criminal signature an ability to evade detection. Just when New York’s top investigator should be donning his wedding finery, he may be stepping into a diabolical trap.

14. Shattered (2022)

Michael Bennett Series- Shattered


Returning home from his honeymoon, Detective Michael Bennett is greeted with shocking news. FBI agent, Emily Parker, is missing.

In order to track her down, Michael follows his former partner’s investigation into an anarchist group that led her between Los Angeles, New York, and Washington DC.

Lurid rumors begin to surface about Emily’s disappearance and Michael knows that he needs to act quickly to find her.

After everything they’ve been through together, he owes her that much.



Chase (2016)

When he was called to the scene of a suspected suicide at a Manhattan hotel, Detective Michael Bennett is astounded to find out that the fingerprints did not match the body.

Manhunt (2017)

Detective Michael Bennett must hunt down the terrorists who attacked the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. right in front of him and his family.

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  1. Eric

    The Alex Cross series sounds pretty interesting. Although I usually read Dan Brown and Dean Koontz. I feel like I need to venture to a different type of genre. Thanks for the blurbs, I am now interested in reading something new.

  • Tracy

    Hey Eric, the Alex Cross series is a favorite for many. The Michael Bennett and Women’s Murder Club series are similar. Either of those would be a good choice if you are looking to try something new. I like Dean Koontz myself, but James Patterson, wins my heart : ) Thanks for visiting, let me know if you try out some James Patterson, I’d love to know what you think. Take Care!

  • Tali

    Hey Tracy,

    I loved the series “The President is missing” and had not registered it was written by James Patterson. I am so pleased that I visited your website because now I can look into the other books he has written, I guess I will start with the Alex Cross series from the beginning.
    I am sure I will back to comment on the books I read.

    • Tracy

      Hi Tali! I am so happy to hear that you enjoyed The President is Missing. The Alex Cross Series is a great choice to get started with James Patterson, Although I’m a fan of many of his books, Alex Cross and Michael Bennett are my favorites. I hope you do come back and tell me about your next read. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting, have a wonderful day. Happy Reading!

  • Krafty

    Keep up that grind! The site is looking great and I’m loving your synopses!

    • Tracy

      Hi Krafty! Thank you for visiting, I’m really glad that you approve ; ) The Michael Bennett series really keeps you on the edge of your seat, I hope that you get the chance to check out this series. Check in every now and then as I will be adding new articles often.

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