Murder is Forever Series

In 2018, the Master of Suspense wrote three shocking true crime books. James Patterson released these books simultaneously with the Murder is Forever series on televisions Investigation Discovery. Patterson wrote that he is most often inspired by real life because after all, truth IS stranger than fiction.

Each book contains two shocking, 100% true stories that featured in the television series. The stories in order are as follows: Murder Interrupted, Mother of All Murders and Home Sweet Murder as well as, Murder on the Run, Murder Beyond the Grave and Murder in Paradise.
Murder is Forever Series


More True Crime

Other true crime stories written by James Patterson include; The Murder of King Tut, the plot to kill the child King. All-American Murder, the rise and fall of Aaron Hernandez. Fithy Rich, the shocking true story of Jeffrey Epstein and The House of Kennedy, coming in 2020.

Murder Interrupted

Murder is Forever Series

Part 1

She was shot in the eye and left for dead in a pool of her own blood. The bullet passed through the roof of her mouth and on the way to her lung it lodged itself against her rib cage.

Fifty three year old Nancy Howard was a loving wife, mother and churchgoer from Carrollton, Texas. She had been married to Frank for twenty eight years. He was a wealthy accountant and the son of a preacher. They had three children together, Ashley, Jay and Brianna. On the surface, the Howard’s seemed to have a happy and healthy marriage.

Frank had accepted a big money contract and soon started embezzling it. He became involved with another woman and spent ridiculous amounts of money. Frank knew that a divorce would bring out all of his secrets therefore, he wanted Nancy dead. He found some drug addicted criminals to agree to do the job, but there was one problem. They were not killers…

Part 2

Mother of All Murders

Dee Dee Blanchard and her daugher Gypsy Rose lost everything in Hurrican Katrina. They now settle in Springfield, Missouri. According to Dee Dee, Gypsy overcame Lukemia as a child but continues to suffer with Muscular Dystrophy, seizures, asthma and several other complications that keeps her confined to a wheelchair.

Dee Dee has become a local celebrity, people from all over bring food, gifts and money to help support Gypsy. Dee Dee is always over protecting her daughter and watching her every move. Gypsy made one friend in Missouri that introduces her to things she has never before experienced. However, any chance the two girls get to do something fun, Dee Dee says, it’s time to take meds. or Gypsy needs to rest.

On June 14, 2015 Gypsy’s friend reads a disturbing message on social media and calls the police. What the police find is extremely disturbing and Gypsy Rose is missing.

Home Sweet Murder

Murder is Forever Series

Part 1

Leo and Sue live in McLean, Washington, they have been married for forty years, Leo works at Bean, Kinney & Korman law firm in Arlington and makes pretty good money. The couple enjoy a simple life and their time at home together. The Fischer’s were about enjoy a quiet Sunday evening dinner at home when a stranger rings the doorbell.

A man in a wrinkled suit quickly flashes a badge.  He introduces himself as Jeffrey Wilkins from the Securities Exchange Commission. He claims that he has questions about some illegal activity going on at Leo’s firm and that they are speaking with all of the partners from the firm.

None of this is making any sense to Leo and he asks Mr. Wilkins to leave. Soon the Fisher’s are being held hostage and they realize that the intruder is clearly, not who he claims to be and things take a turn for the worse.

Part 2

Murder on the Run

William Hunter, a respectable doctor from Omaha, Nebraska finds his housekeeper, Shirlee Sherman and his eleven year old son Tom, brutally murdered in his home. Shirlee was stabbed at least ten times in the neck and Tom, five. The kitchen knives were left in their necks aimed at the carotid artery.

Detective Derek Mois is assigned to the case. There seems to be no motive and very few leads until five years later. The killer presents himself again. This time it’s a doctor and his wife and there are significant medical similarities. Evidence and leads take Detective Mois to Indiana where he discovers a possible plot for revenge.

Murder Beyond the Grave

Murder is Forever Series

Part 1

Stephen Small is a millionaire from Kanakee, Illinois. He has three kids and a loving wife.  He has been kidnapped and buried in a handmade coffin. With only forty eight hours worth of oxygen, Stephen is fighting for his life..

Danny Edwards is a drug dealer in desperate need of money. His plan to kidnap Small for a ransom seemed to be a safe and sure way to get the money he needed without anyone getting hurt. The coffin is equipped with an oxygen source and water as well as a pile of candy bars and a light. After a few dire mistakes, Danny is apprehended. However, time is running out for Stephen Small.

Part 2

Murder in Paradise

Jim and Bonnie Hood are wealthy developers from Newport Beach, California. They are touring the Camp Nelson Lodge located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Bonnie hopes to purchase the rustic property she see’s as a fixer upper and a beautiful getaway.

Unfortunately, the locals do not appreciate ‘rich outsiders’ coming in and changing their routine. They want the property left the way it is. The more work she puts in and the more money she spends the more anonymous threats Bonnie receives.

After clashing with some of the locals Bonnie desperately makes a few threats. Ultimately, the cabin is invaded and a shooting has police scrambling to solve this case.

My Thoughts

In addition to being a huge James Patterson and Alex Cross fan. I have a deep love for true crime. I could not wait to see this series on Investigation Discovery. Unfortunately, It was just okay for me. Don’t get me wrong, the stories are good and maybe I’m just partial to the actual books. However, I reccomend that you read the books first. I wouldn’t want the televisions series to deter you from reading these shocking true crime stories.

Leave your review or comments below. Happy Reading!

  1. Cathy

    Great coverage of these amazing books! As a horror fan, I can appreciate the pleasure of reading a book that covers the events surrounding violent deaths. Some call people like us morbid. Well, I don’t kill people; but death is all around the living.
    Anyway, I love a good read. I’ll follow your advice and check the books before the shows. Thank you!

    • Tracy

      Cathy! I like the way you think ; ) I’m a huge horror fan, I love true crime, Stephen King and of course, James Patterson! I hope you enjoy the Murder is Forever series. Let them call us morbid, lol. Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful day! Happy Reading!

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