Jacky Ha-Ha Series

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A young adult book that anyone of any age could enjoy. James Patterson wrote the hilarious Jacky Ha-Ha series with co-author Chris Grabenstein. Grabenstein also collaborated with J.P. in other young adult books such as I Funny, Treasure Hunters, House of Robots, Max Einstein, and the Daniel X series. Others are Laugh Out Loud and Word of Mouse along with Pottymouth and Stoopid. You can find all of these titles under Stand-Alone Books and Book Series in Order




Jacqueline Hart (Jacky)

Jacky Ha-Ha is one of seven sisters who grew up in a tiny house near the beach in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. She’s a class clown who makes people laugh with her so they don’t laugh at her. Wisecracking helps distract her from thinking about the sad things in her life, like her mom being in Saudi Arabia serving in a dangerous war, and her busy dad who’s hardly ever home.

Meet the Harts

In 1990, Jacky the middle child was 12 years old and somewhat of a tomboy. Members of her family include; Stubborn but cute Emma (aka. Little Boss) was six. Jacky’s oldest sister, Perfect Sydney was a freshman at Princeton, she was 19. Jacky’s sidekick Riley, she’s eleven. Hannah is fourteen and too sweet. Victoria has advice for EVERYONE, she’s fifteen. Then there’s eighteen-year-old Sophia, who says she’s the oldest because the oldest is off at college.

Mom or ‘Big Sydney’ was a Staff Sergeant in the Marine Corps. she was shipped off to war. Mac Hart, Jacky’s Dad was a good looking head lifeguard on Seaside Heights Beach Patrol. Jacky’s new friend Meredith Crawford is really smart and practically lives with the Hart family.



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Jacky Ha-Ha- Jacky Ha-Ha 11. Jacky Ha-Ha (2016)

This story begins with adult Jacky heading to the Academy Awards, she’s up for an Oscar for Best Actress in ‘Cracking Up’. She tells her daughters about a book she wrote. A book about her childhood. The smart, witty, and very funny Jacky Ha-Ha, turns nearly everything into a joke. She uses her wisecracks to escape her worries.

Jacky has been the class clown since elementary school when kids laughed at her stutter. Being the class clown is a lot of fun until you wind up in detention! In order to steer clear of detention, Jacky is preoccupied with drama club and starring in a play. With a death in the family, her mom serving in the Middle East, and her dad spending too much time away from home, Jacky works hard to keep her promise of keeping her family together.


Jacky Ha-Ha-Cratejoy for kids

Jacky Ha-Ha-My Life is a Joke2. Jacky Ha-Ha: My Life Is A Joke (2017)

The famous Saturday Night Live star, Jacky Hart is in London, England to do a William Shakespeare play called, As You Like It.  She tells her daughters another childhood story.

It’s 1991 and it’s starting off pretty good. Mom has returned home safely and she’s back to running the Hart house. Dad is very close to getting his dream job, oh, and just so you know, Emma, Little Boss is now Little Echo, because she feels the need to repeat everything Mom tells the girls to do. Jacky hasn’t had detention since the play and school is almost out for summer. Jacky plans to do a whole lot of nothing but fun in the sun, however, Mom and Dad have very different plans.

Dad has to put in a lot of hours with very little pay and mom is going to school. Jacky and her sisters have to get jobs! Real Jobs and they will be babysitting and doing more chores. Not the summer they were planning!

Jacky Ha-Ha-A Graphic Novel3. Jacky Ha-Ha: A Graphic Novel (2020)

If you like graphic novels and you enjoyed the original #1 bestseller, Jacky Ha-Ha, then you are in for a real treat! You can get your hands on Jacky Ha-Ha: A Graphic Novel, May 4! Pre-order it from Amazon today. Just click on the book to your left.

Jacky Ha-Ha-Holiday Coffee from Hawaii Coffee Company


Kids will laugh out loud when they read this hilarious and heartwarming series. (Adults too) The Jacky Ha-Ha series has short easy to read chapters and fun illustrations that will for sure keep their interest.  I hope you and your children enjoy reading this series. Let me know what you thought in the comments below. Happy Reading!


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  1. Feji ben

    Wow! I can’t wait for Jacky Ha-Ha: A Graphic Novel… I just finished one last week,which was the original Jacky Ha-Ha and I am looking forward to starting My Life is a Joke. These books are really fun to read and I would advice everyone to get them especially the original Jacky Ha-Ha. I will save your page and purchase Jacky Ha-Ha when it comes out. Thanks for sharing this article.

  • Tracy

    Thanks for your comments Feji. I’m glad that you are a fan of the Jacky Ha-Ha series, they really are a lot of fun to read. I look forward to hearing your thoughts after reading Jacky Ha-Ha: My Life is a Joke. I appreciate you saving this website for future purchases. Have a  great day.

  • shariful islam

    I’ve read the Jacky Ha-Ha Series and really enjoyed it, and I’m a big fan of graphic novels so I’m happy to see that Jacky Ha-Ha: A Graphic Novel will be out this year. I really like how Jacky uses her wise cracks to keep everyone laughing with her instead of at her. I am going to purchase the book from your affiliate link, many thanks for bringing this to my attention.

    • Tracy

      Thanks Shariful, I appreciate your comments. The Jacky Ha-Ha series is hilarious and Jacky is pretty easy to love. I’m really glad that you enjoyed it. I’m not to big on graphic novels, but I’m sure everyone who is will be really excited to get their hands on Jacky Ha-Ha: A Graphic Novel. If you need help or have any issues with your purchase, let me know and thank you in advance!

  • Shanta Rahman

    Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful article. I’ve been looking for some good books for my daughter, so I was very pleased to find this article today. Jacky Ha-Ha is actually a series that people of all ages can read and everyone will have a lot of laughs. I’m looking forward to the Jacky Ha-Ha: A Graphic Novel. I think my daughter will enjoy it too. Jacky transforms almost everything into a joke and she addresses her concerns in a nice way.  I will be looking for more series like this in the future. It is essential to read, it reduces stress and improves the mind.

    • Tracy

      Fantastic! I’m so happy that I could help you find what you were looking for Shanta. The Jacky Ha-Ha series is full of laughs. I love how ‘adult’ Jacky has to explain all of the different things from the 90’s to her kids, it brings back some good memories. If you like James Patterson and you’re looking for more fun young adult series, there are plenty more, look under the young adult  tab on my homepage or check out Book Series in Order. Come on back May 4th to purchase Jacky Ha-Ha: A Graphic Novel. Thanks for visiting!

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