James Patterson’s Stand Alone Book List

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Below you will find James Patterson’s Stand Alone Book List. I hope you find it useful. It can be difficult to keep up with such a prolific author, if you find any discrepancies in any of these printable booklists, feel free to let me know and I will happily correct them.

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James Patterson's Printable Book List - Stand-Alone
James Patterson's Printable Book List - Series
James Patterson's Printable Book List - BookShots

*H=Hardcover P=Paperback W=Wishlist

Stand Alone


H P W – The Twelve Long, Hard, Tipsy-Turvy, Very Messy Days of Christmas

H P W – Blowback

H P W – The Ninth Month

H P W – Death of the Black Widow

H P W – Run, Rose, Run

H P W – The Horsewoman

H  P  W – The Jailhouse Lawyer

H  P  W – 2 Sisters Detective Agency

H  P  W – The Noise

H  P  W – The Shadow

H  P  W – The Presidents Daughter

H  P  W – The Palm Beach Murders

H  P  W – Three Women Disappear

H  P  W – The Coast-to-Coast Murders

H  P  W – The Midwife Murders

H  P  W – 1st Case

H  P  W – Cajun Justice

H  P  W – The Summer House

H  P  W – Revenge

H  P  W – Lost

H  P  W – The River Murders

H  P  W – The Warning

H  P  W – The Inn

H  P  W – Sophia, Princess Among Beasts

H  P  W – The 13-Minute Murder

H  P  W – The Cornwalls Are Gone

H  P  W – The First Lady

H  P  W – The House Next Door

H  P  W – Juror #3

H  P  W – The President is Missing

H  P  W – The Store

H  P  W – Humans, Bow Down

H  P  W – Woman of God

H  P  W – The Murder House

H  P  W – Truth or Die

H  P  W – Mistress

H  P  W – Guilty Wives

H  P  W – Kill Me If You Can

H  P  W – Now You See Her

H  P  W – Toys

H  P  W – Don’t Blink

H  P  W – The Postcard Killers

H  P  W – Swimsuit

H  P  W – Sail

H  P  W – You’ve Been Warned

H  P  W – The Quickie

H  P  W – Judge & Jury

H  P  W – Beach Road

H  P  W – Lifeguard

H  P  W – The Jester

H  P  W – Beach House

H  P  W – Cradle & All

H  P  W – Black Friday

H  P  W – See How They Run

H  P  W – Hide & Seek

H  P  W – The Midnight Club

H  P  W – Season of the Machete

H  P  W – The Thomas Berryman Number


H  P  W – Two from the Heart

H  P  W – First Love

H  P  W – The Christmas Wedding

H  P  W – Sundays at Tiffany’s

H  P  W – Sam’s Letters to Jennifer

H  P  W – Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas


H P W – Diana, William and Harry

H P W – James Patterson by James Patterson: The Stories of My Life

H  P  W – The Defense Lawyer: The Barry Slotnick Story

H  P  W – E.R. Nurses

H  P  W – The Last Days of John Lennon

H  P  W – House of Kennedy

H  P  W – All-American Murder

H  P  W – Filthy Rich

H  P  W – Against Medical Advice

H  P  W – The Murder of King Tut

H  P  W – Walk in My Combat Boots

Young Adult

H P W – The Elephant Girl

H P W – The Girl in the Castle

H P W – The Runaway’s Diary

H  P  W – The Injustice

H  P  W – Cradle and All

H  P  W – First Love

H  P  W – Homeroom Diaries

Middle School

H  P  W – Best Nerds Forever

H  P  W – Unbelievably Boring Bart

H  P  W – Not So Normal Norbert

H  P  W – Laugh Out Loud

H  P  W – Pottymouth and Stoopid

H  P  W – Scaredy Cat

H  P  W – Word of Mouse

H  P  W – Public School Superhero

H  P  W – Kenny Wright Superhero

H  P  W – Becoming Muhammad Ali

Picture Books

H  P  W – Cuddly Critters for Little Geniuses

H  P  W – Give Thank You a Try

H  P  W – The Candies Save Christmas

H  P  W – Big Words for Little Geniuses

H  P  W – Bigger Words for Little Geniuses

H  P  W – Penguins of America

H  P  W – Give Please a Chance

H  P  W – Santa Kid


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