Daniel X Series

.This young adult/science fiction series was written by James Patterson along with Chris Grabenstein, Ned Rust, Adam Sadler, and Michael Ledwidge. The Daniel X series is about a young alien hunter with superior strength and speed as well as, the ability to create just about anything with the power of his imagination.

Much like many other James Patterson books, the Daniel X series is fast paced with short, easy to read chapters and packed with adventure and suspense. In my opinion, this series is mostly geared towards pre- teens and teens. I don’t believe adults would enjoy this series as much as the Maximum Ride Series.

James Patterson also put out a colorful graphic novel called Alien Hunter in 2008 that follows the first book, The Dangerous Days of Daniel X.

The Dangerous Days of Daniel X (2008)

Daniel was certainly not a typical child. When he was only three years old, he built the Seven Wonders of the World out of Play-Doh. Daniel’s parents were alien hunters from the planet Alpar Nok. They lived on Earth disquised as human beings and they were brutally murdered right in front of Daniel, he barely escaped.

Twelve years later, at the age of fifteen, Daniel continues his parents’ duties as Defender of the Earth. He is determined to hunt down the alien responsible for killing his parents. Daniel uses the ‘List’, a high-tech machine created by his father. The List reveals the location of all the aliens on Earth. Daniel’s ultimate goal is to hunt down the most wanted alien in the universe, “Prayer”, the one who changed his life forever.

Daniel was blessed with super powers beyond anyone’s imagination. This comes into play while Daniel works his way through the List of some gruesome aliens.

Watch the Skies (2009)

Daniel continues through the List of sinister and hostile aliens one at a time. There is something terrible happening in Holliswood. In an attempt to create an evil army, an alien and his minions are mailing caviar samples that impregnate all of the women who eat them.

Now Daniel must hunt down alien number five on the List, who is broadcasting a disgusting, murderous reality show for his home planet. This is just the beginning. Alien number five is planning to take out millions and Daniel must end this before he becomes the star of the show.

Demons and Druids (2010)

The Alien Hunter goes to England, this time around, the hunt for aliens gets very personal for Daniel X. Number three on the List, Beta, is powered with soul possessing fire and his army of fire controlling followers.

Naturally, this takes Daniel back to the night that his parents were murdered. He struggles with his powers and the only way that Daniel can exterminate this one is by overcoming his troubles and traveling back in time.

Game Over (2011)

Daniel X has exterminated a large number aliens from the list. Now in the heart of Japan, he is up against a tag team, number seven and eight, Ellie and Colin Gygax. This duo consist of many small particles that they can control and ultimately, change their appearance. These ones are brainwashing kids with their extremely addictive video games and turning them into killing machines.

Daniel must befriend their son, Kildare in order to defeat them. The Prayer, Daniel’s number one priority and number one on the list seems to be involved. The Alien Hunter must now decide if he is ready to go up against him or if he should bide his time.

Armageddon (2012)

Daniel X faces number two from the List, who seems more like the Devil himself that the usual sinister aliens that he encounters, Of course, this one comes from the same planet as Daniel and has the same powers.

Number two has a secret underground army of alien soldiers. He is hiding them until the army becomes large enough to take over the world.  Luckily this time, Daniel is not facing the enemy alone. He actually has his own army of military and intelligence agencies from around the world, making this an all out war.

Lights Out (2015)

Daniel has been in a coma for a year, therefore, he is very weak. Finally, the battle that the Alien Hunter has been waiting for his whole life, the most dangerous threat in the galaxy. Number one on the list, the Prayer! The murderous monster that took his parents away from him. Daniel must rely on his friends to help him restore his strength and powers in order to defeat Prayer’s godly powers in this good vs. evil finale.


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The Daniel X series seems a lot like Men in Black, which I enjoyed. I really think the younger audience will appreciate it. There are many mixed reviews and I would love to hear yours, good or bad. Thanks for visiting, I enjoy introducing all of James Patterson’s different genre’s to you. Happy Reading!

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  1. Roxs

    Tracy, I can remember hiding under the covers reading Daniel Steel and James Patterson books. OMG how many times I got in trouble, I can’t remember. This is one of the reasons I love writing. I was inspired by the likes of Patterson and Steel. I appreciate your page and what you do here for your followers.

  • Tracy

    LOL, Hi Roxy! I’m happy to hear from another J.P. fan. His writing truly is fabulous he knows how to get us to read and enjoy it. I love hearing about your memories as a child and love that you have been inspired. Thank you for visiting, have a great day!

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