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Remember Rafe Katchadorian? From the Middle School series? Well, these hilarious Dog Diaries are written by Rafe’s mischievous, furry friend Junior! Actually, James Patterson and Steven Butler wrote the spinoff about Junior, who is writing his own books. However, I’m sure you get the idea. These doggy diaries are sure to make any kid laugh out loud until their bellies hurt.

The Dog Diaries are probably best suited for 1st to 4th graders. Although, that doesn’t stop me from reading what I like. Sometimes a fun kids’ book is just good medicine. Thus far, there are seven books in this easy-to-read and brilliantly illustrated series. I highly recommend adding the Dog Diaries series to your child’s library. Or yours.




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1. Dog Diaries (2018)

Dog Diaries-Dog DiariesOnly a year ago, Junior was locked up in pooch prison, the Hills Village Dog Shelter. Ugh, the scariest place in the whole universe. A boring place where there are no ear scratches, nose hoops, or belly rubs. Thankfully, he was rescued by a boy who smelled like junk food and broken rules, ‘Ruff Catch-A-Doggy-Bone’. Junior had finally found a buddy for life, his new pet human.

Although ‘Ruff’ and Junior share many exciting adventures together, they also cause a whole lot of ruckus! So much in fact, that the two must now go through obedience school. After Junior got loose at the dog park, Mrs. Stricker (a professional dog trainer) demands that Ruff train his misbehaved dog or it’s back to the horrible, Hills Village Dog Shelter.


2. Happy Howlidays (2019)

Dog Diaries-Happy HowlidaysIt’s Juniors very first ‘howliday’ season and boy is it a humdinger! Join Junior on a comical, festive adventure, where he causes a ‘Fangsgiving’ disaster! ‘Critter-Mess’ is a real surprise with ‘Saint Lick’, the strange people called ‘Carol’ that howl at the front door and the strange shiny tree that suddenly appears in the ‘Catch-A-Doggie-Bone’ kennel. This should be the most pawsome, most barktastic howliday ever! As long as Junior can stay out of the doghouse.




3. Mission Impawsible (2020)

Dog Diaries-Mission ImpawsibleAnother tail-wagging adventure, It’s SUMMERTIME, and Junior is getting his very own doggy vacation!  A fur-raising story about how Junior survived when his pet humans went on vacation without him. How he survived icky vegetables. His super-secret plan to steal hamburgers and how he and his pooch pals plan to break free and go home! As Junior always says, “You can’t keep a good dog down!”




4. Curse of the Mystery Mutt (2020)

Dog Diaries-Curse of the Mystery Mutt

It’s October and ‘Howly-Wiener’ is only days away. Something dreadful is happening! Something so terrifying it will make your tail curl. Junior’s first-time trick or treating might possibly be disrupted by a mystery mutt that is terrorizing the town. A spine-jangling howling has been heard in the middle of the night. Favorite toys have been stolen, trash bags shredded and all the best pee spots have been re-scented! Junior must find the evil mastermind before it’s too late.





5. Ruffing It (2021)

Dog Diaries - Ruffing ItJunior is so excited, his human family is going on vacation and this time they’re taking him with them. And they’re going to the most magical place in the world THE WOODS! All the sticks you could possibly want! Endless raccoons to chase! A lake to doggy-paddle in! It’s a canine paradise!

But all of Junior’s best plans are ruined when Iona Stricker-the most miserable, cruel, and obedience-obsessed human you could ever meet shows up and puts an end to his fun. That is until a fugitive from the local animal shelter sneaks into camp and everything changes.

This vacation might turn out to be fun after all!


6. Dinosaur Disaster! (2022)

Dog Diaries - Dinosaur DisasterWe’re in luck, my person-pal, because we are going to see DINO-ROARS! Yes, we! Including me, Junior, everyone’s favorite PUP. Not even the pesky “no dogs in the museum” rule can keep me away from this fossil-tastic FEAST-A-SAURUS. So join me to discover:

  • How I came snout-to-face with a TERRIER-SAURUS REX in the flesh (well, the BONE)!
  • The dustiest, moldiest, most PAW-fect sniff-a-licious scents I’ve ever wrapped my nose around.
  • Why my pack of pooch pals and I planned a BARK-tastic break-in.

It’s going to be a HOWLING good time, so long as my friends and I don’t get caught. Otherwise, this FUR-RAISING adventure might end with us in the DOG HOUSE!


7. Big Top Bonanza (2022)

Dog Diaries - Big Top BonanzaThe circus has come to town!

I’ve never been to a real live circus before, but I know it will be the best thing EVER! I’ve heard all about circus things from Mama Mange, and, WOW, does she have some stories!

I can’t wait until opening night. It all looks so AMAZING! Well, apart from those scary man monsters with green hair and red noses… Hopefully, I can steer clear of them…

With my whole pooch pack alongside me – and, of course, my favorite pet human, RUFF! – what could possibly go wrong…?



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These are fantastically funny stories for those of you who want to hear your favorite kiddo’s laugh out loud! I hope you enjoyed the short summaries. For more fun stories by James Patterson, check out Book Series in Order, where you can link to Amazon and buy your favorites today! Or explore the rest of my website for more great ideas.

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  1. Stefanie Nici

    These type of books are good for the soul and can remind us as people, how we should be toward others. Very interesting.

  • Tracy

    Good to see you back here Stefanie! The Dog Diaries really are good for the soul. I’m glad you found the series interesting, if your ready to get your hands on the series, here’s a quick link to Amazon. See you next time!

  • Paul

    Hi Tracy,

    Thanks a lot for the interesting article and recommendations. Being a dog lover your article means a lot to me and having a baby these books will be a greater help to read it to my little champ.

    The description you have provided on each book is super helpful in making my purchase decision and I got helpful insights. While reading your description the curiosity to read these books builds up and it’s acting as a catalyst. The prices are under my budget.

    Dog Diaries: A Middle School Story and Dog Diaries: Happy Howlidays: A Middle School Story are on my list. The reviews and ratings are great on these books so I am choosing these two first.

    • Tracy

      Hi Paul! I’m glad that I could help you in your decision to purchase Dog Diaries and Happy Howlidays. I am even happier that you will be reading them to your little champ! Come on back and explore all of the other wonderful children’s books by James Patterson when you are ready for more fun reads. Thanks for reading.

  • KingAndrea

    Thanks a lot for this interesting article, many kids love the Dog Diaries and this is because of how funny it is. My friend John would love this series, so I am going to share this article with him. The diaries of Junior sound really funny, especially Mission Impawsible, I can’t wait to read it. I’ll introduce this to my kids as well, I know they will love it. 

    • Tracy

      I appreciate you taking the time to read the article. The Dog Diaries are really funny, I’m sure that your kids and your friend John will appreciate them. Thank you for sharing this article with your friends. Subscribe to my email list if you would like to stay updated on my newest posts. Let me know if you need any other good suggestions. 

  • Rodarrick

    Thank you for sharing this post. James Patterson is undoubtedly a great writer and his style of writing always interests me. I like the plot of Mission Impawsible and also that of Dog Diaries because they interest me, so I know that my son would like them too. He is a second grader, so it should be fun for us to read these together. 

    • Tracy

      You are very welcome, thank you for reading! You are absolutely right, James Patterson has a really cool way of writing, a way that just get’s you hooked. I’m sure that you and your son will both laugh out loud when you read the Dog Diaries and Mission Impawsible. I’m glad that I could be of assistance. Enjoy reading together!

  • Rodarrick

    Any parent with a dog would want the attachment between the dog and the kid to be more than just an ordinary bond and will always be looking for ways to ensure that. This is really massive here and I fancy every bit of the information here. The Dog Diaries you have shared here all have an interesting plot to their stories and would be worth reading. Thanks

    • Tracy

      Thanks for reading Rodarrick! The Dog Diaries do have interesting plots, even more, they are truly funny. I’m sure most kids will get a kick out of them.

  • Son

    Hello Tracy, I really appreciate your time and effort on writing about Dog Diaries which is something that seems like my 5 year old niece would really enjoy. I think the series would make a really nice Christmas gift if I bought a few of these books for her.

    I can relate to the way you said that children books are not always just for children but adults too. I’m a 33 year old man and I sometimes read children books because it is good medicine! It takes me back to a less stressful time in my life. I’m going to give these books a try and see how it works for me and my niece. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

    • Tracy

      Hello Son! I’m so glad to hear that you will be buying the Dog Diaries series for your niece, she will love them, I just know it. What a great Christmas suprise as well as a good time to read with her. If you have any questions, please let me know. Definitely come back to let me know what your niece thought!

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