About Tracy


About Tracy

Hello! I’m so happy that you stopped by! Let me tell you a little about Tracy, the creator of Alex Cross Addict, Books by James Patterson 

Blue is my favorite color and daisies are my favorite flower. Cherry Blossom Trees make me smile, make me happy and they just give me a calming (spiritual if you will), peace of mind.

Trying new thing’s is a really good pick me up, but more than anything, reading eases my mind and takes me to a whole new world. Reading books has literally made me who I am.

I have been lucky enough to have lived in and experienced the different cultures of Hawaii (The Big Island) and South Korea. I currently live in the U.S. (Kansas) and I am a big-hearted, honest, outgoing, friendly and fun loving person.

Cooking makes me happy and people tell me that I am very good at it. My brain loves to soak up knowlege. So much, that I have taken some college courses and have had a lot of different training and certifications. I have had a handful of different jobs, but my favorite of all was Teaching English as a Foreign Language (while in South Korea). Such a great experience! My love for knowledge and reading were a huge contributor to that.


More About Me

Most proudly, I am the mother of four amazing adult children (I’m much younger than you are thinking) three sons and a daughter (the youngest). My children are my world!  My love for them is stronger than anything. I could talk about them forever but, the reason I’m here is because my second love is READING. I have loved reading since I was a child. (Let’s just say, that is a long time and move forward)

I passed on to my children, my passion for thrillers, mysteries, crime and suspense. I did that with stories, movies, games and most importantly BOOKS. When I started reading James Patterson books I was hooked, and now, I want to share those amazing stories with you!.

I hope that you feel, or will feel the passion that I do when reading James Patterson’s books. Reading has so many amazing benefits and reading what you love really helps. James Patterson brings many different genre’s to love.

Come by often! Take a look around, leave a comment, tell me about yourself, about your love for reading or your thoughts and feelings about any of J.P.’s amazing reads.


My Story

After years of reading nail-biting True Crime Stories and very scary Stephen King books. I was introduced to James Patterson’s intensely written novels.

My first J.P.  book was given to me by my cousin in 1996.  Along Came A Spider. It grabbed my attention from the first sentence. It was very easy to read, so captivating. I finished the book in one day! I can only explain this by saying that I just couldn’t put the book down because the suspense was too great! Putting it down would be like going to commercial. No, thank you.

After my first pulse-racing experience reading James Patterson, I had to have more. Therefore, I got more! Kiss The Girls along with Jack And Jill. Then The Beach House, Beach Road, Mary, Mary, The Quickie, Lifeguard, Cross My Heart, Hope to die, I could go on and on. Many of my friends and family are now hooked on James Patterson. My plan is to introduce you to some spectacular books and summarize them as well as put them in order by series. I can’t wait to share my passion with YOU!

When I realized that the first three books that I had read were part of a series (the Alex Cross series). I was ecstatic! Some are even movies, they include Along Came A Spider, Kiss The Girls, and Alex Cross. I can’t wait to see more, thus far, they have not disappointed or strayed far from the books, which seems to be the case in many other movies made from great books.


Fun Facts

About Tracy

Fun facts about me: I have this quirk. I absolutely must keep every book that I have ever read. I try to get all hardcover and the most quirky I suppose, is if anyone wants to borrow a book, I get very nervous, afraid something may happen to it or that I may not see it again. My books have always been returned in perfect condition, yet, I still feel the need to warn my mom, my kids and my friends.

There are so very many ( roughly, 200 ) great books written by James Patterson. I am working on owning every single one of them. There are several stand-alone, series and even children’s books. Amongst them, genres include; mystery, young adult fiction, realistic fiction, science fiction, non-fiction, true crime, thriller, comedy and romance! Something for everyone. Now you can see why I love me some J.P.

Why I Am Here

Ultimately, I want to remind you just how beneficial reading is, as well as show you, that if you find the right book, you could love reading again or maybe want to start, and MAYBE, just maybe, if you haven’t already, you will enjoy a James Patterson book or two.

Although my site is dedicated to James Patterson books, and I do hope you enjoy them. ANY and ALL books are knowledge, Reading in general, makes you happy, reduces stress, improves memory, expands your vocabulary and much more!  Read what you love. Share your passion with your children, family and friends.

About Tracy

My Goal

My goal for this site is to share my love and knowledge of James Patterson’s Books while keeping it fun and interesting.

I do hope that you enjoy my site and you return often to see what’s new, leave a comment, tell me your thoughts or have discussions about your first or your favorite James Patterson book.

Lastly, let me know if you want to hear about a particular J.P. book. Ask any questions or just say “Hello”. Either way, I am very happy that you visited!

Happy Reading!

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